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From raw to artificial bone: How Catholic Diocese of Nakuru is contributing to water safety

Esther Photo: Esther Wanja, the Programme's Project Officer with a sample of bone char. The programme has been using the bone char technology for years now to filter fluoride from water.

By Kioko Kivandi In 1984 Kenya was hit by a severe drought. The country’s food banks were severely stressed just as were its water sources. Writing about it in July that year, Allan Cowell, a New York Times journalist noted that rain clouds would gather in the morning but by noon they would all vanish, “like a promise betrayed by ...

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Dangerous Meal: Reflections of a Nature Photographer

Naivasha 4

By Kioko Kivandi I was photographing a wounded Marabou Stork on the shores of Lake Naivasha on Saturday March 25 when a Hammerkop appeared from nowhere and rested on the shallow end of the lake.   Nearer to thee: This stork had a difficulty in walking and it seemed as if it was nearing its death bed. At first the ...

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Why organizations should pay and train their interns


By George Githinji In the last few years, organizations claim that the current groups of graduates are unemployable. They make further claims that universities and other tertiary institutions of learning are churning out ‘half-baked’ graduates whose needs are out of league with the needs and trends of the market. What that means is that the current crop of graduates lack ...

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Engaging with the Constitution of Kenya

Cartoon on leader with no time for citizens

By Freshiah Wairimu Ever heard someone explain a concept so well that you had to share it? At the recently concluded training for CSOs on ‘Monitoring the Right to Health’ conducted by Kelin, I did. Mr. Awele, an advocate, explained the Constitution in a simple way. As he put it; In the beginning, each individual’s rights and privileges were limitless. ...

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Victor Yegon wants Boniface Mwangi charged for hate speech for his social media posts

Boniface Mwangi. Photo courtesy of

Victor Yegon, an activist wants the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Director of Criminal Investigations compelled to lodge a hate speech case against photojournalist and activist Boniface Mwangi for his social media posts. Mr. Yegon accuses Boniface of inciting Kenyans through his social media pages. He says the contents of the messages are likely to fan violence and breach ...

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