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The Communications Authority of Kenya

The Bloggers Forum Video: Blogging In Kenya, Should It Be Regulated?


The Communications Authority of Kenya
The iHub yesterday (18th Feb) hosted a forum to discuss blogging, its merits, demerits and whether this space should be regulated or not. The forum sought to know and shed some light on the differences (if any) between journalism and blogging, and therefore if there is a need for  the Government and regulatory bodies to regulate bloggers.

In case you missed this enlightening forum, you can watch it from this video courtesy of the iHub.

About Njeri Wangari

Njeri Wangari is the Project Lead for Kenya Monitor, a Citizen Journalism site for news and stories by Kenyans a project of the Bloggers Association of Kenya. Njeri is also the BAKE's Director of programs managing training and outreach programs. She is a multi-talented published Poet, blogger, Art & Tech enthusiast who started blogging in 2005. Njeri is very passionate about Citizen Journalism and expresses her passion through training workshops, talks and her writing on the same. Njeri is also equally passionate about Arts & Culture and Technology and writes on them through her blogs KenyanPoet.com and AfroMum.com


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