Writing snip

The content creators can send their manuscripts through the email: [email protected] (Photo/ Google).

Are you one of the few people endowed with a creative instinct? Do you think you can write or have you written and wondered where you could publish. Well then, Storymoja publishing house is looking for you.

The publishing venture which has been in operation since 2008 is looking for writers who can develop content suited for children.

Speaking to Kenya Monitor over the weekend in Nakuru during the first regional festival of the venture, Juliet Maruru an Editorial Assistant attached at the institution’s Communication Department said apart from creative books for children they are also looking for text book writers for children.

“We are looking for content creators for novela-size books of about 10,000 to 20,000 words based on life skills,”

she said adding that they focus on children aged 0-18 years of age.

For one to qualify as a life skills writer for children the book has to have content that helps children learn how to tackle and solve different issues in their life.

“We are calling them life skills as they are to help children to learn skills of handling such issues as conflict, friendship, peer pressure and many other issues,” she added.

According to Maruru they have already developed 4 titles under the life skills series and the new content creators they are looking for are to add to this ongoing idea.

Maruru said they pay attention to details that help children enjoy reading.

“We want children to associate reading with furn. Our books have features that children can identify with,” she said.

And while encouraging budding writers and all those with the creative wits to take up the opportunity, Edna Gicovi, a young writer who has herself been published by Storymoja under the series said no one should shy from making a shot at it.

“Everybody has a story to tell,”

she said adding that one can learn the skills to write for those who have the desire to become creative writers.

Both Maruru and Gocovi cautioned that for those who will want to try the opportunity their desire should not be to make money at the first instinct.

“There is no money in writing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t earn as a writer,” said Maruru as Gicovi added that, “as a young writer your desire should not be to make money. This should be for those who have the interest.”

To submit a manuscript one needs to send it to [email protected] under the title ‘Life Skills.”

Publishing a book can be a very tedious, long and thankless process for writers. Thus when opportunities come knocking like this one is doing, it calls for quick action from those who think they can or wish to do it. One can only wish that it will be exploited to the fullest.