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KBC Journalist Judith Akolo

Police release KBC Journalist Judith Akolo’s phone

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has today released the phone belonging to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) journalist Judith Akolo. DCI retained the phone early in the week after questioning her for retweeting.

KBC Journalist Judith Akolo questioned for retweeting

The online journalist went to DCI offices today morning accompanied by lawyer Soyinka Lempaa. On realizing that she was accompanied by the lawyer, the officers brought her the phone, asked her to check whether it was in good condition and signed it back to her.

They did not interrogate her further in any way. They also did not indicate whether there would be any further probe on the matter.

Judith said that she was happy the case is now behind her.

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  1. Moi era return to kenya by force do to some selfish Kenyans.if you get bribes to accept a regime you are worse than the person wh p bribed you

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