Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has in the last two years been sued by both Vimal Shah and Safaricom for defamation in separate incidents.

In the Vimal Shah case, he had posted on his blog and in a series of tweets about the plaintiffs have allegedly oppressed Ugandans. He had also alleged other human rights violations against Bidco’s violations against Kenyans.

In the case of Safaricom, he was issued with a permanent injunction barring him, his blog, agents or any other blog from publishing any posts on his blog on Safaricom that border on the litigation matters.

In his most recent brush with the law, Nyakundi has been sued by National Bank of Kenya (NBK) and has subsequently been served an interim injunction restraining him or any other contributors to his blog from writing anything about the bank. The bank served Cyprian by advertisement in today’s Nation (Download HERE).

Nyakundi is now barred from publishing or causing to be published any statements defamatory of the Plaintiff, its shareholders, directors and or employees in any nature, form and manner whatsoever on his blog, his twitter handle or any other of his social media accounts.