Deputy President William Ruto has threatened to sue Boniface Mwangi over his tweet which he says was false and malicious.

The words in their ordinary and plain meaning are defamatory and they have severely injured our client’s reputation,

reads a demand letter from Ruto’s lawyer Kioko Kilukumi.

The tweet from Boniface Mwangi reads


Ruto’s lawyer goes ahead to allege that the defamatory words attracted 556 retweets and 476 likes as of the time the demand letter was written.




His reputation as a national leader has been gravely undermined by the said tweet.

Ruto demands that Boniface Mwangi publishes a

suitable retraction, correction and apology, the same to be given a prominent coverage as the tweet complained,

it reads in part.

In addition, the DP wants Boniface’s unconditional admission of liability for libel.

sub admission to be received by us within seven days from the date of receipt of the letter.

Failing this, the lawyers will proceed to file an action against him for damages, both general and exemplary, among other remedies.

Boniface was served in person, on email and whatsapp. He affirmed that he is speaking to his lawyers before responding.