By Peter Mmbando

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) has been conducting online training sessions, since August aimed at equipping young minds with digital skills to spark conversations and  promote governance issues in their communities.

Here is a perspective of Peter Mmbando, from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The Digital Literacy and Fake News Training 2020 was a phenomenon virtual workshop conducted by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) that combined different internet packages of programs and competent facilitators that unlocked my mind, and the aim of creating a community of professionals who writes online contents in digital tools for education, advocacy, informing, entertainment as well as promoting digital economy in Africa particularly in East Africa. 

From the workshop, the facilitator Mr. David Indeje, well elaborated how to create content online, doing research, target online consumers, using digital tools to make income, advocacy, educating and entertainment. 

In addition, he identified online actors/ influencers, challenges and way forward taken along the milestone of innovation and technology, cited ethics in journalism and social media management. 

How will I use the skills to promote good governance issues in my community or country?

First, I will share with different stakeholders platforms on what I have gained from the training particular how to use digital tools in the right way to promote good digital governance, digital economy and digital for social life. As well as the public should be, ready to engage in policymaking and implementation. 

Second, I will educate the public on the issues of digital rights as human rights and important to enhance freedom of internet and expression in lining with the available rules and regulations, digital ethics and digital protocols (regional and international) as the world itself is out of analogue system. Everything is now done through the internet. 

Third, I will convince the public that internet governance stakeholders should continuously learn and train others to create genuine contents and policies relying to the people’s cultural diversity as well as mind mapping and engaging partners on how to run internet governance meeting platforms especially virtual meetings and onsite meetings. 

Moreover, I shall educate the public on how to remain safely while using or working virtually most of people are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, cyber bullying or harassment, which can damage personal, or organization image. 

In additional, I encourage youth to seek opportunities and being eager to learn how to communicate effectively in digital space, as many people are not aware of the digital opportunities that can make a living for them as well as to create more digital opportunities and engage the public at large. 

Lastly, I would like to thank BAKE Training organizers and trainers for this key training to present different topics concerning Social Media Management, Media Ethics  and How to Use Social Media to address  Internet Governance at local, regional and global level.