A fake Safaricom spin and win post has been circulating on social media urging people to spin and win money to their M-PESA accounts.

The post says “Here’s a chance to get Ksh2800 sent to your M-PESA account from Safaricom’s yearly spin and win promotion “

As you can see the picture above, the poster has the intention to lure Safaricom customers into clicking onto the link that redirects them somewhere else. I clicked on the link and surely it redirected to a different page with Safaricom embedded logo at the top of the page to make it legit. However, this is not Safaricom’s official page.

There have been countless of such cases of imposters using other companies to lure people into fake rewards. In most of the cases, Victims are asked to share their personal ID or M-PESA details to allow the fraudsters send them the cash and, in the end, they fall for the scams and get conned in the end.

This particular post is no different. Once you click spin on the link, it redirects to another link that will now introduce the offers you have won and makes them real to you. You see, we all love gifts and the fact that you know Safaricom form the link you clicked the post had nothing to get you suspicious, why not share your number to get your goodies?

This online trick has happened so many times and most Kenyans have fallen for this and sadly it keeps on resurfacing from time to time with new targets.

We have looked into the authenticity of the post and found out it was created by an imposter to con from innocent Kenyans. We searched for the poster at the Safaricom’s official page and there’s nothing related to the poster above. The Safaricom social media pages and blog as well have no similar posts on the reward service and has since cautioned customers against the services.

As always, Safaricom does not in any way create external links outside their page for new projects or offers and only communicates through their official website or official social media handles.

Below is a sneak peek of what’s new on the Safaricom official website.