While the covid-19 pandemic came about with a lot of disruptions globally, it has also brought about critical changes across all industries that were yet to be discovered. For the first time ever, we had everyone wearing masks and despite their downsides of affecting normal breathing, there are fewer breathing problems that are dust pollution-related.

The way we handle things today has really changed for the better. The pandemic has really been instrumental in letting us understand that there are various ways in which we can communicate with each other on important issues without necessarily being in the same confinement. Online video conferencing platforms like zoom have quickly and efficiently replaced physical events while delivering the same best results as ever.

Tech reporting on the other hand has experienced a major shift largely with the larger population interested in Covid-19 we had technology reporters shifting their reporting on the pandemic with a tech focus. We also witnessed the largest tech event cancellations due to the special distancing aspect and lockdowns with the covid-19 pandemic that further led to the introduction of virtual events.

Thanks to technology, video conferencing tools such as zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google meet have also been essential in helping tech reporters gather information from different sources virtually. While fake news was rampant during the peak of the pandemic, we saw tech reporting shift to demystifying fake news sources and ensuring we get the right information about the pandemic eliminating myths such as Covid-19 is as a result of the 5G rollout.

However, cybersecurity was greatly ignored and this poses a great concern. The Covid-19 reporting has led to the neglect of other sectors especially with the introduction of the remote workforce. Between 2020 and q1 of 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO)  reported a five-fold increase in cyber attacks between 2020 and 2021.