It has been almost most one and –half years later, and the fight against Covid-19 rages in Kenya albeit in a haphazard manner. As far as the gains are concerned, the schools have now opened for the first term after a successful re-opening of last year’s third term saw just a few Covid-related incidents. In most schools, teachers have moved to ensure that Covid-19 related protocols are implemented. Sadly, some schools cannot do the same as they lack basics such as water.

During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and instead of just sitting at home they have opted to start small businesses such as making soap, hand sanitizers, masks among other essentials needed at this time. Innovation has also taken centre stage.

The launch of Covid-19 vaccination program was successful and although the uptake was marred with misinformation and lack of awareness, it is expect that both of these problems will be countered with time to ensure a fully vaccinated population as targeted by the government.

The sports and entertainment businesses are yet to make a full come-back and some people are still suffering economically because of this. It is expected that the stakeholders in the industry will continue to lobby for opening up of the economy further as well as suspension of the curfew.

The country has lost quite a number of people and it seems that despite the best efforts quite a number are still ignorant of the deadly disease and its mutating variants. Additionally, many county governments were ill-prepared and the situation continues unabated to the suffering of residents. On the other hand, some governments have really tried their best and have moved one or two steps in the fight.

The above are just a few of the highlights in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. To know more, read on the fight, gains, losses and expectations below as covered by our  bloggers spread out in the country:  kenyan-women/