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Top students feted in Brookside Math Athlete Contest

Budding mathematicians gathered at the Allidina Visram High School, Mombasa this weekend for the Brookside Mathlete contest to fight it out for coveted prizes amongst tens of other students from the Coast Counties. The Mathlete a word coined from Math and Athlete, seeks to identify and award the top performers in Mathematics in different education levels. The Brookside Mathlete brought ...

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Small scale fishermen in Mombasa get boost

Efforts by the Mombasa County to register and empower fishermen through Beach Management Units (BMU) are finally bearing fruit. This follows the announcement that the County Government working with KCB Foundation will be helping the BMU’s to procure fishing vessels with capacity to haul up to to 10 tonnes of fish. The county has embarked on training on financial management ...

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Kuza project to create 5000 jobs in Mombasa

Opening of a Youth Center in Likoni (thekuzaproject.org)

Youth unemployment stands at 64 percent in Mombasa. This high level of unemployment is unsustainable and has resulted in more youth engaging in vices such as crime, drug abuse and getting radicalized. Reports from the Lamu following the killing of 11 Alshabab militants shows that a number of them were Mombasa youth. It is therefore important that Mombasa finds ways of getting ...

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Lack of facilities regressing sports development for youths in Mombasa – part 2

Jubilee Manifesto had a lot in store for the youth

For these youth on the other hand, simpler interventions would make a bigger difference than one big stadia for the entire county. For example laying proper turfs for community grounds, building shaded stands to encourage fans to attend matches and building changing rooms would make massive differences. These small interventions replicated across all counties would have a much deeper impact ...

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Mombasa aspirant will not have manifesto or make campaign promises

Hemed Said Hemed aspiring MCA Mombasa Old Town Ward

We are 2 years away from the elections but that has not slowed down the clamor by politicians for political seats. Already Nyali MP Hezron Awiti has indicated that he is going to lock horns with governor Ali Hassan Joho for the governors position. Other aspirants have already announced their plans for parliamentary and county assembly positions. None of has ...

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Mombasa Creatives to work together

Creatives in Mombasa

In a quest to foster creativity and innovation among the youth in Mombasa, a group of creatives have started monthly meetings to discuss and nurture growth amongst themselves. The monthly meetings known as ‘Over Coffee’ seek to create awareness of the challenges they face and develop a peer support system for those in creative industry in the city. They also ...

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Mombasa Senator launches human dignity Bill

Senator Hassan Omar

It is no secret that Kenya is one of the most unequal societies in the world. It is also one of the most corrupt nation ranking poorly in corruption for the last two decades. Indeed, it is one the worst places in the world to be poor or underprivileged as the government does little in terms of bridging the gap ...

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Sheng’ is evolving time and again

  So if you grew up in Kenya from the 80’s onwards you obviously speak sheng or understand sheng in one way or another. Even if you don’t agree with sheng, Safaricom and other corporates ensure you do as they try to outdo each other with new catchy sheng slogans. Ama huna bonga points? Sheng has been studied by scholars ...

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Utange land tussle exposes deep lying land issues

Utange Land Protest

A 70 acre piece of land has been the cause of unrest and chaos in Utange area after residents moved in and started fencing and cultivating a 30 acre section of the land that they are claiming. The squatters drawn from Utange 1 settlement have made many claims on the land before and have been tussling with the owners for ...

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Parents urged to watch school going children closely

School pupils (uwezonews)

Mama Salma a Mvita resident received a call from the police after her form 2 son was found wondering in Old Town during school hours. She found her son, who was okay had skipped classes that day. She was puzzled as to why the police got involved in the case of a truant pupil. She learned that teenage students such ...

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Mombasa residents crowd scene of “bomb” alert

Scene of Bomb Scare Mombasa (facebook/Neel Ak)

For the better part of the afternoon yesterday and early evening,  Nkurumah road in Mombasa was a no go area as buildings around Ambalal were evacuated after a bomb scare. Unattended luggage was left outside the building in a black bag and people got suspicious and called the police. During that time, people working in offices at Ambalal and TSS ...

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Rains badly damage roads in Mombasa

Ongoing repairs of roads in Mombasa

The state of the roads following the heavy rains in Mombasa is dire. Roads that had been previously patched up now have massive water filled potholes that are a nuisance and sometimes dangerous to motorists. Some of the roads  that are in poor condition include the entire Lumumba Road in Island, Mombasa Malindi Road from Kongowea to Bombolulu, Jomvu Miritini ...

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Finally dongo kundu bypass construction starts

As Kenya prepares to launch its logistics and industrial hub in Mombasa, the much anticipated construction of the Sh25 billion Dongu Kundu bypass is currently underway after the government handed over the site to the contractor a month ago. Dongo Kundu is a strategic location in which the government plans to create an economic engine and a regional production hub ...

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Mombasa County challenged to invest in youth

Mombasa is plagued with a glaring high rate of youth unemployment. There have been a number of  measures in the past designed towards reducing this, or at least occupying the youth’s time so as to keep them from engaging in crime and drug use. The county government of Mombasa through the ministry of youth and gender services organised a youth ...

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