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Will 2016 herald a new dawn for Kenya after Eurobond scandal?

National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich. He recently stated that his ministry does not know where Eurobonds proceeds were used. Photo courtesy of www.kenya-today.com

We are heading into the end of the year and with just a few days remaining, it is a year whose events Kenyans hope will not be repeated. Corruption has threatened to tear the country apart as different camps take sides for or against those accused of benefitting from the vice. Kenya is now heavily indebted and pundits have given ...

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Will Karua, Wetangula survive the BAT corruption scandal?

Narc Kenya leader Martha KArua. SHe has been implicated in a corruption scandal at BAT. [Photo: ongozakenya.wordpress.com]

When The Independent’s headline mention iron lady Martha Karua on Friday last week, this time it was pushing her to a corner she has not been to before. The reaction was prompt after the headline ‘British American Tobacco ‘bribed’ Kenyan politician Martha Karua to stop action against cigarette smuggling’ implicated the former justice minister in corruption. British American Tobacco ‘bribed’ ...

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Youths in Isiolo shifting from pastoralism to modern agriculture

Some members of the Kitile youth group attending to some seedlings before transplanting. [Photo: Malachi Motano]

By Malachi Motano The harsh economic times and the attempts to fight food insecurity are making nomadic communities in Isiolo County shift from herding to crop production. This is thanks to Isiolo River that has provided water for irrigation. Some young men in Samburu, Turkana, Rendile, Borana, Somali who have traditionally engaged each other in cattle-rustling wars are changing their ...

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How lack of water denies Kenyans the ‘right to life’ in West Pokot

One of the sand dams in West Pokot used for collecting water during the rainy season and which purifies it through natural filtration. [Photo: Njenga Hakeenah]

‘Pusu poltoy cho relach’ meaning, like clouds in the sky, new people will replace old ones but people will continue to exist. This Pokot saying shows they believe in a future. As the climate change debate continues and with COP 21 coming to an end in France this weekend, this future is at stake. In a place where basic necessities ...

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Schooling under the gun common in Turkana

A makeshift classroom. Children have to learn under the watchful eyes of police reservists due to bandit attacks. [Photo: Malachi Motano]

By Malachi Motano As many different school motto’s read; Education is the Key to success, Knowledge is light, profession is power and the general belief that it is education that transforms young boys and girls into useful men and women in the society, learning in the pastoral communities in Kenya continue to face many hurdles. This writer traveled to Turkana ...

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FGM is a tool to protect the spread of HIV, Maasais say

A group of Maasai women. Some believe that FGM helps keep a woman chaste. [Photo: Malachi Motano]

By Malachi Motano “Cutting girls is something our people have done for hundreds of years,” Nashilu Lenteiyo, the senior Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) ‘surgeon’ in the Maasai community of Ol Donyo Nyokie, tells a reporter. She adds, “No one can convince us that it is wrong.” The women believe that an uncut woman has sexual feelings for every man she ...

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Mobile schools in Turkana helping transform education

Students at Kalokutanyane Mobile School, near Nasiger, Kenya. Kalokutanyane translatres from the Tukarna to yellow wind. Photo courtesy of Malachi Motano

Education in Kenya continues facing challenges ranging from lack of infrastructure, enough study materials and poor pay for teachers. These are just a few of the challenges known on the national scale but for communities who rarely make it to the daily news, the challenges are further compounded. “We are a pastoral community our sons normally help us move with ...

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Will stance on corruption cost President Kenyatta his second term?

President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta (R) greets his supporters with his running mate, William Ruto after attending a news conference in Nairobi on March 9, 2013. The two have been indicted by Kenyans for not doing enough to fight corruption. [Photo: REUTERS/Siegfried Modola]

On Monday, Kenyans waited anxiously as President Uhuru Kenyatta was to address the nation on the state of corruption in the country. Coming just days after the resignation of Devolution CS Anne Waiguru, the nation waited in anticipation that, finally the country would be given a reason to have hope that corruption would be a thing of the past – ...

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