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A goodie bag from the just ended KENIC campaign encouraging Kenyans to take up .co.ke domains

KENIC’s shut down of a Kenyan Domain an infringement on internet Freedoms

Earlier today, a Kenyan registered website www.isUhuruInKenya.co.ke was brought down by Kenya's Top Level domain custodian KENIC. The website which was created last week on Friday 4th December, was deleted today at 6am in the morning in what the Kenya Monitor team has deduced to be pressure from the government following its popularity as Kenyans Online continue to build pressure on the current government to account for the president's numerous travels abroad....
Children during the North Eastern Province demonstrations in Garissa town protesting the education crisis due to lack of teachers

North Eastern residents take to the streets over education crisis

Hundreds of residents in the three counties of the North Eastern Province today took to the streets protesting against the worsening situation in the education sector in the region. Led by civil society groups in the region, the placard waving students, parents and angry residents presented their grievances to the local education offices. Education in the region came down to its knees after non-local teachers fled the region following increased terror threats climaxed by the Garissa University attack on April 2 in which 147 people most of the students lost their lives....
A Peaceful demonstration being organised by Kisumu residents to speak out on growing insecurity

Kisumu residents to hold peaceful demonstration due to rise in insecurity

Kisumu residents online have organised a peaceful demonstration on Friday 21st August from 10am at the Kisumu Taifa Park to demand action on the growing insecurity in Kisumu City. The hashtags #InsecurityInKisumu and #KisumuLivesMatter are being used to rally support for the peaceful demonstration...

Njeri Wangari

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