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Why organizations should pay and train their interns


By George Githinji In the last few years, organizations claim that the current groups of graduates are unemployable. They make further claims that universities and other tertiary institutions of learning are churning out ‘half-baked’ graduates whose needs are out of league with the needs and trends of the market. What that means is that the current crop of graduates lack ...

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Youths in Isiolo shifting from pastoralism to modern agriculture

Some members of the Kitile youth group attending to some seedlings before transplanting. [Photo: Malachi Motano]

By Malachi Motano The harsh economic times and the attempts to fight food insecurity are making nomadic communities in Isiolo County shift from herding to crop production. This is thanks to Isiolo River that has provided water for irrigation. Some young men in Samburu, Turkana, Rendile, Borana, Somali who have traditionally engaged each other in cattle-rustling wars are changing their ...

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FGM is a tool to protect the spread of HIV, Maasais say

A group of Maasai women. Some believe that FGM helps keep a woman chaste. [Photo: Malachi Motano]

By Malachi Motano “Cutting girls is something our people have done for hundreds of years,” Nashilu Lenteiyo, the senior Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) ‘surgeon’ in the Maasai community of Ol Donyo Nyokie, tells a reporter. She adds, “No one can convince us that it is wrong.” The women believe that an uncut woman has sexual feelings for every man she ...

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Why casual sex among teenagers is not news anymore

Bus snip

By Njoki Maina About five decades ago, cohabitation in institutions was unheard of. Marriage those days was treated as a sacred union between man and woman and no one would easily think of starting any union without following the due procedure. Because of that, cases of students living together as man and wife were a taboo. So scandalous were they ...

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Bankers Association says house prices have increased modestly in the third quarter

Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) CEO Habil Olaka (left) and KBA Director of Research and Financial Markets Policy Jared Osoro during the launch of the KBA Housing Price Index findings for Quarter 3 2015. [Photo: KBA]

Average house prices in Kenya increased by 1.26 per cent during the third quarter of 2015 representing a relatively faster increase compared to the previous quarter’s 0.2 per cent increase. According to the Kenya Bankers Association Housing Price Index (KBA-HPI), the observed modest price movement signals the softening of the overall house prices in line with the demand and supply ...

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Okiya Omtatah stokes Eurobond fire as Kenyans seek answers

Activist Okiya Okoiti Omtatah. Photo credit www.businessdailyafrica.com

The Eurobond controversy has refused to go away. This is despite the government giving all manner of assurances that the country is doing well financially. The topic which has been on the lips of many Kenyans, on and off social media platforms, has been one seeking answers which have not been forthcoming. In an editorial cartoon in one of the ...

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Kenyans want President Uhuru to enjoy his 54th birthday but work

President Uhuru Kenyatta celebrates his 54th birthday today. Kenyans have given recommendations on wht he should do to restore Kenyans' confidence in his government. [Photo: france-rwanda.info]

President Uhuru Kenyatta should obey court orders, pay teachers and put sense into the heads of legislators Moses Kuria, Aden Duale, Kithure Kindiki, Kipchumba Murkomen and the 36 bloggers! These are some of the recommendations by Kenyans on Twitter well known as #KOT regarding the downward spiral the country is in and as President Uhuru Kenyatta celebrates his 54th birthday. ...

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Kenya Union of Journalists, NCCK condemn ‘anti-media law’ threatening to sue

President Uhuru Kenyatta signs the 2014 Value Added Tax (VAT) and Pubilc Finance Management ammendment Acts into law at State House, Nairobi. Looking on from left is   Solicitor General Njee Muturi, Clerk of the National Assembly Justin Bundi, Cabinet Secretary National Treasury Henry Rotich, Majority Leader Aden Duale and Speaker of National Assembly Justin Muturi.

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) and the Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) have condemned Parliament’s passing of the Powers and Privileges of Parliament Bill 2014. In a statement on Thursday, NCCK General Secretary Rev. Canon Peter Karanja said that by passing the Bill, parliamentarians had clearly stated their position on where they stand on matters of accountability. ...

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Kisumu City to celebrate 114th birthday

Kisumu city, arguably one of the most oldest settlement in Kenya is preparing to celebrate its 114th anniversary. Historical records indicate that Kisumu has been dominated by diverse communities at different times long before the white man arrived. The people from Nandi, Kalenjin, Abagusii, Maasai, Luo and Abaluhya community converged at the tip of Lake Victoria and called the place “sumo” which literally means “a place ...

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Why the ‘Mollis audio’ lady should have done more

By Benjamin Mwithali After listening carefully to the ‘Mollis’ audio clip that has been doing rounds on social media, I have been left at crossroads on who to exactly to blame. The clip which is believed to have been recorded by a man (Maurice but whose name was pronounced by the lady as ‘Mollis’) as they were having sex (as ...

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Joyous Eid celebrations in Mombasa

Eid Mombasa

As expected, Eid Ul Fitr was celebrated on Saturday the 18th of July 2015 after the sighting of the moon, in some quarters the celebrations started on Friday the 17th. Eid is the  festival of breaking of the fast celebrated at the end of Ramadhan. Preparations started on Friday as residents of Mombasa thronged shopping malls and shops in the ...

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Chipuka externship project gives a voice to artists in Nyeri

Chipuka Group is a platform for the changes that the Technical world of The Dedan Kimathi University, Nyeri, allows the Arts to thrive. As the Swahili term Chipuka means, the group voted in the name to symbolize its sprout. Standards set for a people to try different objectives through activities cut off from their various study dockets. In the group ...

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Iftar in Mombasa in pictures

Mombasa Iftar

In the Islamic calendar,  Ramadhan is the ninth month which Muslims observe by fasting from dusk to dawn.  Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. During the month of Ramadhan, muslims wake up early for Suhoor,  a meal they have before the dawn prayers which mark the start of the daylong fast which is broken at dusk with ...

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Marakwet County to host Kenya cultural week

Kenyans from across the country will be celebrating the country’s cultural diversity later this month. The event that will be held in Tot, Elgeyo Marakwet County will bring together government leaders, county leaders, religious organization, students, communities and the general public. Several local community members/leaders, national and international participants are expected to grace the cultural event. The week long event scheduled ...

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