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Empower men in Nyeri and central Kenya to be responsible

Around the world, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) impacts the lives of thousands of families; the main focus of this resource package is on violence against women and girls. This is not to say that gender-based violence against men does not exist. For instance, men can become targets of physical or verbal attacks like we have witnessed too often in Central Kenya. ...

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Student Allan Wadi freed from a 2 year jail term after successful appeal

Allan Wadi at the Athi River G.K Prison where he served 6 months of his 2 year Jail sentence

University student Allan Wadi Okengo who was sentenced to jail in January this year to serve a 2 year jail sentence for hate speech remarks on his Facebook page and undermining the authority of a public officer has been freed. Wadi’s appeal case was heard yesterday 2nd July 2015 with the  appeal presented by his lawyer Edward Oonge. Wadi has ...

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Wanjeri Nderu assaulted for tweeting on corruption

Wanjeri Nderu, a social justice crusader, was attacked by a stranger for talking about corruption at Langata mall on Monday, 29th June 2015. Wanjeri uses her online presence to talk about various injustices in Kenya including corruption. On her timeline, she largely talk about insecurity and corruption.   This won’t stop the fight against corruption and those involved. Get ready, ...

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Secure whistle blowing platform for Africa AfriLeaks to launch in Kenya


AfriLEAKS, a secure anonymous whistle blowing platform for African nations will be formally launched first in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa respectively in the next few months according to Ruth Kronenburg, the Director of Operations at Free Press Unlimited, one of the partners in the joint project. Ruth was speaking at a session in the just ended Deutsche Welle Global ...

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Delamare staff steal sheep to pay themselves salaries

By Lorna Abuga. If you are employed to take care of your employer’s livestock and the employer delays your salary will you ‘steal’ one of the livestock you are taking care of and pay yourself? Well, that is exactly what two employees at the Delamare Farm Limited decided to do recently at the company’s Soysambu ranch in Gilgil, Nakuru county. ...

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Lack of facilities regressing sports development for youths in Mombasa – part 2

Jubilee Manifesto had a lot in store for the youth

For these youth on the other hand, simpler interventions would make a bigger difference than one big stadia for the entire county. For example laying proper turfs for community grounds, building shaded stands to encourage fans to attend matches and building changing rooms would make massive differences. These small interventions replicated across all counties would have a much deeper impact ...

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Makueni residents mark Day of the African Child

Residents of Makueni County joined the rest of the African continent to mark the Day of the African Child (DAC) with renewed calls for the need to safeguard the rights of children and protect them against retrogressive community practices that violate their rights. The event held at AIC Kathonzweni Primary School grounds brought together parents, children, government officials and several ...

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Changing schools isn’t solution for Garissa terror survivors

Mohamed Kuno who has been on the run since December last year has been named as the mastermind of the terrorist attack at Garissa University College PHOTO NATION MEDIA GROUP

Having encountered the traumatic events that led to the brutal death of their colleagues, some survivors of the April 2nd terrorist attack survivors at the Garissa University College are still not in a stable state to make the next move in their academics. Psychologists say that it is too early to make decisions to relocate the students who are yet ...

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Mombasa Senator launches human dignity Bill

Senator Hassan Omar

It is no secret that Kenya is one of the most unequal societies in the world. It is also one of the most corrupt nation ranking poorly in corruption for the last two decades. Indeed, it is one the worst places in the world to be poor or underprivileged as the government does little in terms of bridging the gap ...

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Utange land tussle exposes deep lying land issues

Utange Land Protest

A 70 acre piece of land has been the cause of unrest and chaos in Utange area after residents moved in and started fencing and cultivating a 30 acre section of the land that they are claiming. The squatters drawn from Utange 1 settlement have made many claims on the land before and have been tussling with the owners for ...

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Blogger Bogonko Bosire still missing, about two years since disappearing

Bogonko Bosire

On Sunday 7th of June, a trending topic #WhereIsBogonkoBosire brought to memory something we may have forgotten in recent times. Controversial blogger and journalist Bogonko Bosire has been missing since September 18, 2013, gone without a trace. He made a name as a fearless blogger who wrote on the ICC case facing the President and his deputy. He rubbed the ...

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Civil society decries harassment by government

Press Conference on the de-registration of HAKI Africa and MUHURU

  Members of the civil society have criticized the government for intimidating its members, parts of the media, trade unions and independent constitutional offices. In a press statement, The Civil Society Organizations Reference Group (CSORG) and the National Civil Society Congress (NCSC) blamed the government for harassing the civil society organizations in the name of fighting terrorism. Their complains come ...

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Former political detainees financially haunt current regime

Yesterday’s decision in which the High Court ordered government to compensate former political detainees shines a spot light into governments’ past mistakes, its current obligations and future decisions. Many Kenyans were wrongfully detained, with and without trial, for many months, some dying while those alive are fighting for the ‘restoration of their human dignity’. In the court ruling, Justice Isaac ...

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