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University Student Allan Wadi gets 2 years Jail Term for Hate Speech on Facebook

Allan Wadi Okengo, A 25 year old University Student Jailed for 2 year for Hate Speech on Social Media

  A fourth-year university student will spend two years in jail for posting on social media  insults against President Uhuru Kenyatta. Alan Wadi Okengo, alias Lieutenant Wadi, was accused of posting the messages on his Facebook account on December 18 and 19 at an unknown place within Kenya. Wadi, 25, a political science student at Moi University, was arrested as ...

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We need Better Laws in Kenya to better protect Internet Freedoms

The Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA)

As at the end of the year 2014, Kenya status on Interned Freedoms was ‘Free’. According to Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world, Kenya was ranked at position 28 globally on Freedom of Net total and at position 12 on violation of user rights. That was 2014 and it seems like ...

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Arrested Kenyan Blogger Abraham Mutai @ItsMutai released on bond


Following the arrest of Kenyan Blogger Abraham Mutai  who uses the twitter handle @ItsMutai  in Mombasa yesterday, at long last, he has been released where he was held. Mr. Abraham Mutai was released on personal bond and will be required to report to the  CID Head Quarters on Monday morning to answer to charges of ‘Misuse of telecommunications equipment and  ...

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Nations Develop in an Environment of Freedom

The world as we know it, exists in its current form due to a number of intervening factors and key among them is this; media freedom and the freedom of expression. Africa is indeed rising and it we have to borrow any precedents from our more advanced brothers then we must cheris, among other things, the rights and freedoms enshrined ...

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A Call to all Kenyans Online to Mark Internet Freedom Day #iFreeKe


January 18th is Internet Freedom Day, an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate our freedom of expression. As a part of the campaign to mark the day, Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) is calling on all Kenyans Online to write about something they love on the Internet that they never want to see censored. Your contribution can be in the ...

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BAKE condemns the Kenyan Government prosecution of Dissident Citizens Online

Kenyan Bloggers1

As an organisation that represents the interest of bloggers and content creators  in Kenya, we the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE)  are concerned with the process followed in the jailing and prosecution of Kenyan Bloggers and Online Content Creators. The Kenyan Government is seemingly becoming quite intolerant of voices of dissent and dissident Kenyans who have taken to Social media platforms ...

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Promoting Online Freedoms in Kenya

Internet Freedom Day logo1

Why iFreedoms? Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) has launched the iFreedoms project through the Kenya Monitor platform (www.monitor.co.ke). This project will promote internet freedom in the East African region through digital security and safety skills development, creating awareness on the status of online freedoms and how to protect them.  The project will amplify the voices of citizen journalists on freedom ...

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