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Nakuru Jukumu Letu blogging training enthuses the deaf

It was a first for the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) as two persons with hearing disability turned up for a training that had been organised for blogging enthusiasts in Nakuru. Through a sign language interpreter the two, Martin Njoroge and Priscila Akinyi remained attentive throughout the training that was conducted at the Nakuru Branch of the Kenya National Library ...

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Jukumu Letu campaign takes shape in Nakuru

The Jukumu Letu campaign will be launched in Nakuru on Saturday April 25th, 2015. Charity Nzomo the Communications Officer for Constitution and Reform Consortium (CRECO) has told the Kenya Monitor that all is in place for the launch of the initiative which seeks to sensitize locals towards citizen participation. “The emphasis during the launch will be on the power of ...

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Who is a patriot?

On Sunday activist Boniface Mwangi posted a photo of a crippled beggar crawling on all fours in front of Kenya’s parliament building. A beggar crawls past Kenya’s house of greed pic.twitter.com/kW3Ghx0Vp5 — Boniface Mwangi (@bonifacemwangi) April 18, 2015 Then twitter went kaboom! A group of outraged twitter users pounced taking issue with Mwangi’s post. Leading the charge was Njeri Atieno ...

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Jukumu Letu heads to Nakuru

Nakuru artists will this coming week converge to discuss their issues and ways in which they will highlight and inform their residents about the Constitution. Jukumu Letu, an initiative that seeks to inform Kenyans about the Constitution through art, will be in Nakuru, after holding successful events in Mathare, Nairobi County and Wote, Makueni County. Some of the types of ...

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Molo market bunge entrenches public participation

It is 2.45pm and at Molo market, there is an ongoing heated conversation about the public participation forum on the budget that the participants had just attended. They call it their Bunge, Parliament, where the Chairman says “you are heard so long as you have something to say.” These conversations are ongoing, every other moment at the same spot, they ...

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The State Affairs of Makueni County Warring

Makueni artistes during the launch of Jukumu Letu at Unoa grounds in Makueni

The launch of Jukumu Letu in Makueni could not came at a better time as the county is embroiled in a leadership crisis pitting Governor Kibwana at one end and Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) at the other. For the better part of the last two years since the governor and MCAs took office, their tenure has been riddled ...

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A Play staged during Jukumu Letu launch Rebukes Makueni Leaders

The MAPACA Theatre actors performing the Play at Unoa Grounds during the Jukumu Letu Initiative launch in Makueni County

As Kenya marks three years of devolution, Makueni County is perhaps a typical example of the teething problems of devolution and a play staged at Unoa grounds, in Wote, Makueni during the launch of Jukumu Letu initiative sought to underscore the importance of public participation in the devolved system of governance. The initiative geared towards creating a proactive population by ...

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Prof. Kibwana joins his constituents for the Jukumu Letu launch in Makueni County

Makueni County Artists performing the 3 songs they composed on governance at the Launch ceremony

Jukumu Letu, an initiative geared towards creating a proactive populace through awareness on the Constitution and issues centered on governance using artistic works was over the weekend launched in Makueni County. The event that took place at Unoa grounds and graced by Governor Kivutha Kibwana, was a culmination of a one week training of various artists on their role in ...

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Makueni Artists Challenge residents to embrace the Constitution

Artists drawn from different genres; musicians, puppeteers, Disk Jockeys (DJs) and threatre challenged Makueni County residents to read, understand and uphold the Constitution in order to ensure a better life. The artists meeting under the Jukumu Letu initiative performed their arts at Unoa Grounds, Wote town, Makueni County in the presence of hundreds of residents including the Governor, Prof. Kivutha Kubwana. ...

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Building the Nation: Makueni County a start

This week, Jukumu Letu partners start training of various artists in Makueni County, on how they can and should contribute to national building. The initiative targets creating a social conscience population of the Constitution and rights therein through the use of Disk Jockeys (DJs) – they can use their platforms to play social change songs, musicians – they can sing ...

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Public Participation a Challenge in Makueni County

“We said we want Uhuru, then Africanization, then Constitution, then devolution, now it is public participation and the next will be revolution, which will not spare people,” stated Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana, when giving remarks on a visit to his offices by Jukumu Letu partners. The comment was reflective of how the county is applying public participation, a national ...

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Makueni Residents feel disenfranchised

“Before this Constitution, a pastor would mess around, like sleep with people’s wives and no one questions because they felt he is closer to God hence is above the law. Today, when they make mistakes, people walk up to them to inform them of their mistakes and many are changing. It is quite open and progressive,” asserted Pastor Michael, a ...

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What are the Rights of arrested persons in Kenya

Police Arrests in Kenya

The two year sentence conviction for Alan Wadi Okong’o aka Lieutenant Wadi for ‘undermining the authority of President Uhuru’, by Magistrate Ann Waguru brought into focus the rights of an arrested person since he lacked legal representation. According to the charge sheet, Wadi was prosecuted based on Section 13 (a), (b) and 2 of the National Cohesion Act, which if he was well ...

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Internet and law in Kenya

The rise in the use of the internet in Kenya has increased the need to learn about the do’s and dont’s when engaging through the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Linkedin and Instagram among others to ensure one is within the law. This informed a workshop themed “The law and Internet in Kenya” held at the Nailab ...

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Using art to engage on the Constitution

Art is becoming a pervasive and acceptable form of expression in Kenya, a reality that if well utilized, offers a great opportunity to learn and unlearn some otherwise hard concepts like the Constitution. Lack of understanding and readership of the Constitution has been blamed on its language, something those in the know are working to unpack through forms that also ...

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