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How lack of water denies Kenyans the ‘right to life’ in West Pokot

One of the sand dams in West Pokot used for collecting water during the rainy season and which purifies it through natural filtration. [Photo: Njenga Hakeenah]

‘Pusu poltoy cho relach’ meaning, like clouds in the sky, new people will replace old ones but people will continue to exist. This Pokot saying shows they believe in a future. As the climate change debate continues and with COP 21 coming to an end in France this weekend, this future is at stake. In a place where basic necessities ...

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We need proper laws to ensure accountability of County officials

Auditor General Edward Ouko. Photo courtesy of www.kenya-today.com

By George Githinji Recent happenings in the county governments point to a leadership that is not properly endowed with the requisite skills essential to steer these entities. For example, Nyamira county government puts up a gate for sh9 million, Governor Lusaka of Bungoma buys 10 wheelbarrows at an inflated cost of sh109,000 each, and Embu Governor Martin Wambora pays sh2 ...

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