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Effects of COVID-19 on the Tourism & Travel Industry

Odongo Michael | 2021-01-18 |

Travel and tourism sectors remain one of the key employers in most countries across the globe, which facilitates searching for means of survival. Travel and tourism industries also link other industries and sectors; hence, they contribute significantly to nations’ economic survival. The manufacturing, energy, and agriculture sectors heavily rely on the travel and tourism industries for growth and development.

Covid-19 Pandemic: A Tribute To Those We Have Lost

Nereah Obimbo | 2021-01-27 |

In the TV show, the Good Place, two humans, Chidi and Eleanor set out to help Michael, an angel understand what death is. They succeed and he promptly falls into depression and has an existential crisis of epic proportions wondering how anybody does anything with the knowledge of the fleeting nature of existence. Eleanor attempts to get him out of his death-consciousness induced funk, here’s how that goes:

How The Kenyan Government Responded To The Covid 19 Pandemic

Nereah Obimbo | 2021-01-22 |

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of Kenya and the Ministry of Health put out precautions and guidelines to curb its spread and offer guidance on management. To safeguard their health, people were required to adhere to a new set of policy changes spanning a wide array of areas from travel to education to how we interact with each other.

Student Learning: The Impact Of Covid-19 On Education In Kenya

Nereah Obimbo | 2021-01-20 |

The Covid-19 pandemic is a public health crisis whose tentacles reached into every facet of organized human life including education. One of the measures taken to curb its spread is limiting large gatherings which led to the closure of schools globally. In Kenya, schools, colleges and universities were officially closed in March and were opened for all students 9 months later in the first week of January 2021. The effects of this temporary closure on learning are far-reaching.

Lifestyle: The Social Behaviour Of Kenyans During The COVID-19 Period

Faith Wambui | 2021-01-18 |

Socialization is an important part of life that promotes healthy physical and mental well-being. In fact, healthy social behaviour has been linked to increased lifespan and general quality of life. We thrive from human interaction and a lack of it could lead to life-threatening illnesses. Additionally, we’re born and raised in social group settings which makes it difficult to change that aspect of our personality.

The Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Travel And Tourism In Kenya

Nereah Obimbo | 2021-01-14 |

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an undeniable effect on our way of life. People have been required to make changes to curb the spread of the virus, from minimizing physical contact with others to wearing masks at all times in public and sanitizing hands as often as possible. The ways people interact and communicate have changed, people no longer touch as freely as they used to, a loss more acute than people anticipated at the beginning of the pandemic.