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Media Council of Kenya condemns assault of a K24 reporter

Dr. Haron Mwangi and the Council chair Charles Kerich during a past press conference. Photo courtesy of

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has condemned the assault of K24 reporter Duncan Wanga two days ago terming it an unlawful and unfortunate act against freedom of the media. On 27th September 2016, Duncan Wanga while covering an event in Eldoret,  was allegedly harassed, brutally attacked and his camera destroyed by police. According to Mr. Wanga, the police had earlier warned him ...

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Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi given a warning over contempt of court in Safaricom suit

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi. Photo courtesy of

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi was yesterday let go with a warning against continuous contempt of court in a defamation suit in which Safaricom’s Bob Collymore and Michael Joseph have sued him for defamation. Following a complaint on his contempt of court orders when the case was first mentioned, the petitioners filed an application for contempt. The court had given an injunction ...

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Mark Mwithaga died on ‘day of 1982 coup’

Mark Mwithaga. The veteran Nakuru politician died on the day Kenya was marking 34 years since coup plotters attempted to oust Daniel Moi from power. It was also exactly 30 years since his father died. (Photo:

On the night that Nakuru veteran politician Mark Mwithaga breathed his last, no one may have taken notice of how significant that night was. It’s not because his death was poised to be historic. No!  After all, the shine of the fierce politician he was known to be during his hey days had waned in his last earthly lap. He ...

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Steps to follow when faced with a criminal case

Arrest Snip

By Gilbert Langat Anybody can fall on the wrong side of the law anytime in the course of their life. When this happens most people get confused and may not know what to do. And while ignorance of the law has no defense, ignorance of your rights as an arrested person can impact heavily on your ability to defend yourself ...

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Why Jackson Njeru and Jackline Okuta were jailed for contempt of court

Jackson Njeru. Photo courtesy of

On June 14th 2016, Justice Mbogholi Msagha sentenced Jackline Okuta and Jackson Njeru to three months imprisonment or sh500,000 fine for failing to abide by a court’s restraining order against mentioning lawyer Cecil Miller on online platforms. The order, made on 12th April 2016 restraint them, their agents or servants from posting on Facebook or any other media platform including ...

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