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The disappearance of Msingi Sasis

Msingi Sasis

Photographer Msingi Sasis made a distress post on Facebook, 6th May 2016 about his troubled financial position ever since he was labeled a terrorist. He was arrested by the police last year when taking photos of Galleria mall, Nairobi. Ever since that day, efforts to locate him have been futile. He phone is not going through, neither has he responded ...

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The last one year has been tough for bloggers & journalists in Kenya

Freelance journalist Yassin Juma. Photo courtesy of

The last one year and part of this year has been difficult for media freedoms in Kenya. Journalists and bloggers have felt the wrath of power and influence when doing their job in a manner only closer to the old, darks days of Kenya. Over 60 journalists have bloggers were silenced, intimidated, harassed and even killed, in a spate of ...

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Why Justice Mumbi Ngugi declared Section 29 of KICA Unconstitutional

Judge Mumbi Ngugi delivering the ruling

No Kenyan has suffered the wrath of Section 29 of the Kenya Information and Communication Act (KICA) like blogger Robert Alai. He has at least five active cases with these charge in court, dating back to 2012. His most recent case this year when the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) CEO Halakhe Waqo took issue with him for questioning his ...

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Nominated Senator Emma Mbura suffers a blow after Mombasa court dismisses use of Section 29 of KICA Act

TNA Activist Kalinga Mgandi.

TNA Nominated Senator Emma Mbura suffered a blow after Mombasa Principal Resident Magistrate Nicholas Njagi dismissed an application by the state to charge activist Kalinga Mgandi. In the court application, Senator Mbura wanted the court to compel Jubilee Alliance activist Kalinga Mgandi to disclose his Personal Identification Number (PIN) of his phone to enable police to verify his WhatsApp account. Kalinga had allegedly abused ...

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KICA Act 29 declared unconstitutional by the High Court #NoToKICAs29

Judge Mumbi Ngugi has declared Section 29 of the Kenya Information and Communication (KICA) Act 2009,popularly known as the KICA Act 29, as unconstitutional. She declared that “Section 29 of the Kenya Information and Communication Act cannot stand” The judge declared the law unconstitutional in a case filed by Geoffrey Andare and Article19 who challenged the constitutionality of the law. ...

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