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Mombasa Residents unaware of decentralized county structures

Jukumu Letu Training on blogging and social media in Mombasa conducting by BAKE

As Jukumu Letu gears for the forthcoming launch to be held at Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa, it is emerging that residents are unaware of further decentralized services and offices by the County Government of Mombasa. A number of activities have been taking place in Mombasa to create awareness and community participation in the launch. One of those is the ...

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Nyakundi case highlights need for education on the law and Internet in Kenya

The court case against blogger Cyprian Nyakundi highlights the need to learn about online freedoms and responsibilities. Certainly the internet does not exist in a vacuum. Nyakundi, after reading the summons to appear in the newspaper tweeted   Safaricom is suing me . Oh my God pic.twitter.com/44CJq6o5Jy — Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@C_NyaKundiH) June 24, 2015   Bloggers and social media ...

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Blogging and social media use in Kenya growing, says report


Bloggers in Kenya have had, in several instances, to ‘save’ their credibility and explain a few things including the doubts and the notion that they are just but social media trouble makers who will write about anything sensational and vulgar. But today, bloggers and other online content creators are being appreciated not only by the fellow internet users but also ...

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Using art to engage on the Constitution

Art is becoming a pervasive and acceptable form of expression in Kenya, a reality that if well utilized, offers a great opportunity to learn and unlearn some otherwise hard concepts like the Constitution. Lack of understanding and readership of the Constitution has been blamed on its language, something those in the know are working to unpack through forms that also ...

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