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Changing schools isn’t solution for Garissa terror survivors

Mohamed Kuno who has been on the run since December last year has been named as the mastermind of the terrorist attack at Garissa University College PHOTO NATION MEDIA GROUP

Having encountered the traumatic events that led to the brutal death of their colleagues, some survivors of the April 2nd terrorist attack survivors at the Garissa University College are still not in a stable state to make the next move in their academics. Psychologists say that it is too early to make decisions to relocate the students who are yet ...

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Shimo la Tewa prison a radicalisation hotspot

Inmates inside Shimo La Tewa

Shimo La Tewa is the only maximum security prison in the Coast province holding the hardest, most dangerous convicts in the province. Currently incarcerated at “Shimo” as it is known by residents are international jihadists, pirates, terrorism masterminds and soldiers court martialed for desertion. As fate would have it, Shimo la Tewa holds one of the most dangerous terrorism suspect ...

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Students in Mombasa speak about Garissa attack

Following the recent horrific terror attack that took place in the Garissa University College that shocked the entire world, we talked to a few students in Mombasa to get an opinion of the aftermath of the attack on their fellow comrades who died by the hands of terrorists. Most of the students are still in solidarity with the families of the ...

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New fears of Al Shabaab terror attacks in Nairobi

  Barely a month after the Al Shabaab terror attack on Garissa University College that claimed an estimated 147 lives, there are new fears the Somali terror group may be planning more audacious attacks on prominent locations within the City of Nairobi. Speculation is swirling on social media that there are Al Shabaab operatives in the country planning attacks on ...

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Nakuru aspiring police recruits vow to fight Al-Shabaab

Two Nakuru youths who turned at the Afraha stadium for the police recruitment that took place on Monday have told the Kenya Monitor that they are not afraid of being involved risky situations should they picked in the service. Paul Maranga and James Waweru who had also turned up for the earlier recruitment that was later called off on allegations ...

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