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The youth in Kisumu champion Jukumu Letu

    By Jemima Otieno The first week after the Youth Democracy Ambassadors camp began with my search for a theatre team that would help bring out democracy issues in a clear and understandable manner and at the same time be entertaining, educational and ensure engagement of the audience. The main consideration for this selection was age, availability, ability, knowledge ...

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Content development in Mombasa gets a boost following BAKE training


The growth of blogging in Kenya in the last decade has been immense. There are countless blogs and in some areas like fashion blogs provide more and better quality of content than local mainstream media. The growth of blogging can also be seen from the quality of blogs entered in the annual Kenya blog awards organized by the Bloggers Association ...

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Jukumu Letu highlights some of Mombasa County’s challenges

Wingu la Fuskani Performance at Jukumu Letu Launch in Mombasa

Wingu la Fuskani means A cloud of Despair. This is a play that was presented by actors based at the Little Theater in Mombasa during the recently concluded Jukumu Letu launch. The play was highlighted various problems that Mombasa residents face in relation to governance and the people’s understanding of the Constitution. To deliver the message, the performers decided to ...

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Colourful jukumu letu launch in Mombasa

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-5

Pomp, colour and rich content marked Jukumu Letu launch in Mombasa. The picturesque county, its enticing hospitality and warm hearts enlivened both partners and attendees to a stimulating launch that only Mombasa could provide. The joys, from the faces to the smiles, old and young told the story best of which if you did not attend, these photos should narrate it ...

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Jukumu letu Mombasa in photos

  Tusks above, are a sure way of confirming you are in Mombasa. Fort Jesus, a Portuguese fort built in 1591 by order of King Philip I of Portugal, then ruler of the joint Portuguese and Spanish Kingdoms, a tourist site, is a must visit when in Mombasa. You cannot miss the beautiful Indian ocean waters and certainly the joys of Jukumu ...

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Mombasa Residents unaware of decentralized county structures

Jukumu Letu Training on blogging and social media in Mombasa conducting by BAKE

As Jukumu Letu gears for the forthcoming launch to be held at Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa, it is emerging that residents are unaware of further decentralized services and offices by the County Government of Mombasa. A number of activities have been taking place in Mombasa to create awareness and community participation in the launch. One of those is the ...

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Spinning it for Katiba: Deejays with a cause hosting a Sundowner


One of the performers at the Jukumu Letu launch this Saturday is a group of young DeeJays having been training by DJ’s With a Cause. The three DJ Tally, DJ Mr.Vice and DJ Flaxx will be taking the jukumu letu message to the youth through music. We got to talk to them to find out what motivates them to be ...

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Puppets neutrality key in passing Jukumu Letu message

Tony Mboyo holds one of the puppets as he prepares Mombasa artists for Jukumu Letu launch

When Tony Mboyo landed in Mombasa about a week ago his job was to recruit potential artists that he can work with on the Jukumu Letu initiative. He sent word for artists who have an interest or experience in puppetry to show up for auditions. The response was quite good and what was impressive is that a good number of ...

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IED nurturing youths on democracy

The Institute of Education in Democracy (IED) is this week nurturing a selected group of young people from across the country on democracy with a view of growing their knowledge to be democracy ambassadors in their regions. The project will be cultivating democratic engagement amongst the youth through art and expression in a project called Ni Jukumu Letu: Youth Learning and ...

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Jukumu Letu in Mombasa in pictures

Today, jukumu letu partners were continuing with their training. In the below pictures, some of the great work being done by KATUNI is clear as the trainees are bringing out the core issues of concern to Mombasa residents. Kenya Institute of Puppets Theatre (KIPT) also have their trainees working on puppets while the bosses are all smiles, perhaps happy with ...

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Mombasa residents urged to report lost IDs to reduce electoral fraud

Image (www.businessdailyafrica.com)

Members of the public are being urged to report stolen or lost identification documents at the earliest opportunity and get a police abstract of the same to enable them actively participate in nation building like elections and also reduce crime from happening. They should also keep a copy of the abstract for personal records. This call was made in Mombasa during ...

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Jukumu Letu heads to Mombasa

Jukumu Letu, an initiative that seeks to build the capacity of both the demand and supply sides of the management of the public sector so as to ensure that the citizens get to benefit from devolution is headed to Mombasa. Already in the past three days, Jukumu Letu partners have been meeting various stakeholders like the Mombasa County Senator and ...

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Sheng’ is evolving time and again

  So if you grew up in Kenya from the 80’s onwards you obviously speak sheng or understand sheng in one way or another. Even if you don’t agree with sheng, Safaricom and other corporates ensure you do as they try to outdo each other with new catchy sheng slogans. Ama huna bonga points? Sheng has been studied by scholars ...

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Nakuru opens a mimispot.com page

A local interactive online platform has been introduced in Nakuru. The platform known as mimispot.com allows users to discuss local relevant issues online and also share photos. “The unique factor with mimispot.com is that it shows you the distance from where the other person is posting in kilometers,” explained Mr. Paul Mvuria who is spearheading the project in Kenya. Mvuria ...

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