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Prof. Kibwana joins his constituents for the Jukumu Letu launch in Makueni County

Makueni County Artists performing the 3 songs they composed on governance at the Launch ceremony

Jukumu Letu, an initiative geared towards creating a proactive populace through awareness on the Constitution and issues centered on governance using artistic works was over the weekend launched in Makueni County. The event that took place at Unoa grounds and graced by Governor Kivutha Kibwana, was a culmination of a one week training of various artists on their role in ...

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A Seminar on The Law and Internet in Kenya on 7th March


The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 provides for the protection of the freedom of expression, freedom of the media, freedom of information, freedom of belief and opinion, the right to a fair hearing, access to justice and fair administrative action. While these rights are not absolute, they may only be limited within reasonable parameters as would apply in a free and ...

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BAKE condemns the Kenyan Government prosecution of Dissident Citizens Online

Kenyan Bloggers1

As an organisation that represents the interest of bloggers and content creators  in Kenya, we the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE)  are concerned with the process followed in the jailing and prosecution of Kenyan Bloggers and Online Content Creators. The Kenyan Government is seemingly becoming quite intolerant of voices of dissent and dissident Kenyans who have taken to Social media platforms ...

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Jukumu Letu Campaign launched in Nairobi to roll out in 47 Counties

Jukumu Letu Katiba mtaani1

Last week on Saturday 10th January, was the launch of the much anticipated Jukumu Letu country wide campaign to sensitize Kenyans on the need for every citizen to understand and participate in the implementation of the Kenyan Constitution. This is a project derived from the broader Jukumu Letu programme that was developed and is being operationalised by Hivos and its ...

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The Presidential Powers in the New Constitution

Kenya's 4th President and the 1st under Kenya's new Constitution- Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya’s first constitution was more a replica of British system of governance and ultimately centralized government power to serve the needs of a small political elite. One of chief aims of the Kenya’s 2010 constitution was to reduce the power of Kenya’s “imperial presidency” through formal constraints on the executive. Including allowing him to be impeached. Past presidents used loopholes ...

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The Constitution Guards Against Violation Of Human Rights


The respect for human rights is one of the basic postulates for an ideal society that acknowledges the right of all to search for happiness and advance the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. The principles of human rights are founded on the idea that in an individual’s search for happiness, one should not diminish that of others. ...

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Abortion; Is The Right, right?

The abortion debate

I walk into a room and my friends are in the middle of a very heated discussion on abortions and how the Kenya Constitution has a laudable stand as regards procuring abortions and while at it has not legalized the ‘evilised’ practice in the society. There’s this specific friend of mine that was being bashed quite literally by everyone so ...

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Devolution is the Answer To Marginalisation


Speaking after the passing of the new constitution in 2010, then president Mwai Kibaki said the new constitution would be Kenya’s shield and defender in the strive to conquer poverty, disease and ignorance. The three had been declared as the greatest enemies of the new nation soon after independence by founding father Jomo Kenyatta and it became the responsibility of ...

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The Mirage of Constitutional Participation In Kenya

The former Kenya President Mwai Kibaki at the promulgation of the new-constitution

Some commentators have referred to Kenya’s 2010 constitution as the most progressive constitution sub-Saharan Africa has ever seen. Well, that might sound a little bit like a hyperbole but the Kenyan constitution lays the perfect foundation for a constitutional a democracy. Of great importance is the role of the constitution gives to citizen sovereignty, the preamble for example explicitly states ...

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The Constitution has been a blessing to Kenya

Kenya's former President Mwai Kibaki promulgating the new Kenyan constitution (image courtesy)

Kenya’s 2010 Constitution has had a fair share of success in its four years of implementation. It certainly a reality that without the 2007/8 post election violence and the ensuing mediation efforts, Kenyans would still have the old Constitution. Be as it may, the document which I call the political bible will still need time to be tested for a ...

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Separation of Powers Principle needs to be cultured


James Madison on the need for the “separation of powers” because “men are not angels,” profoundly stated   “But the great security against a gradual concentration of the several powers in the same department, consists in giving to those who administer each department, the necessary constitutional means, and personal motives, to resist encroachments of the others… Ambition must be made ...

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The Constitution aptly guarantees human rights

(image courtesy)

There is an ongoing concern among human rights defenders and lawyers on The Security Laws (Amendment) Bill which is intended to empower the government and security agencies to fight terrorism. There are many glaring concerns on the Bill, like how Parliament want it rushed which have been captured here How new security law to fight terror infringes on rights. Human ...

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