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Media Council of Kenya condemns assault of a K24 reporter

Dr. Haron Mwangi and the Council chair Charles Kerich during a past press conference. Photo courtesy of kenyanewsagency.go.ke

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has condemned the assault of K24 reporter Duncan Wanga two days ago terming it an unlawful and unfortunate act against freedom of the media. On 27th September 2016, Duncan Wanga while covering an event in Eldoret,  was allegedly harassed, brutally attacked and his camera destroyed by police. According to Mr. Wanga, the police had earlier warned him ...

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Internal security should be devolved to counties

Meru County Governor Peter Munya who is also the chair of the Council of Governors.

By George Githinji Article 187 of the Constitution provides a mechanism for the transfer of functions between both levels of government, that is, the national and the county governments. The transfer is only possible, however, under two conditions: if the function or power would be more effectively performed or exercised by the receiving government and the transfer of the function ...

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Corruption is the Kenya government’s lifestyle

Photo courtesy of www.zdnet.com

By George Githinji Corruption in Kenya is rife from the top echelons of government to the grassroots level of public service and other organs of government. It affects all ministries of national government (and recently ‘devolved’ to the county governments). The National Police Service (NPS), for example, is often declared the most corrupt institution of government. It has been accused ...

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Motivate the Police Service to improve work performance

By George Githinji The National Police Service has on numerous occasions threatened to take part in go-slows in order to pressure the government to increase their salaries. Both the Kenya Police and the Administration Police (AP) have often lamented about being underpaid and under-resourced. The result of this blatant neglect of the police service by the government is severely reduced ...

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