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Why Senate should not be scrapped

Senate Speaker David Ekwee Ethuro. Photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

By George Githinji The functions of the Senate are largely related to the Counties and laws that touch on the Counties. Still, despite the Senate having a lesser legislative portfolio than the National Assembly, it has a crucial role to play in the sphere of politics and governance and the calls for it to be scrapped are mere dog barks ...

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Political aspirants should have a university degree to qualify for election

By George Githinji Before the last general elections that took place on 4th March 2013, the 10th parliament decided to lower the academic bar for political aspirants that were nominated to compete for the parliamentary and county assembly seats. These aspirants were the MPs, Senators, Women Representatives and Members of the County Assembly (MCAs). Yet, the move to lower the ...

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Why the Auditor General’s report may gather dust

Kenyans have been outraged by the recent Auditor General’s report on corruption and misuse of funds in various public institutions but perhaps nothing concrete, in terms of prosecutions will come out of it, giving credence to calls for a shift in how auditing process is done. In audits for the period 2013 to 2014, the financial records of the institutions ...

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MPs: the New Lords of Impunity

As an inquiry continues into allegations that members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) took bribes to influence their findings into an investigation into how billions of public funds disappeared in the lead up to the 2013 election, we bring you the latest in a series of articles by an insider in the corridors of power that lay bare how ...

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Corruption in Kenya: How Graft is Chocking Kenya

Corruption in Kenya is systemic. One of the institution that allegedly fuels it is Parliament. In addition, most of the elected and appointed leaders have been adversely named in various reporting casting aspersions on their integrity. However, they still hold high profile state positions. In this second and third part, Captain Wanderi discusses it in more details   PART 3: ...

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Corruption in Government: An Insider’s Perspective

From #CheckenGate to #TyreGate, now PAC, Kenya, lately, seems to latch from corruption scandal to corruption scandal. Just when the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) appears to be awakening from its slumber by finally bringing the culprits of the decades-old Anglo Leasing scandal to book comes revelations that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Parliament’s powerful watchdog body, is also mired ...

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