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Mark Mwithaga died on ‘day of 1982 coup’

Mark Mwithaga. The veteran Nakuru politician died on the day Kenya was marking 34 years since coup plotters attempted to oust Daniel Moi from power. It was also exactly 30 years since his father died. (Photo: www.mediamaxnetwork.co.ke).

On the night that Nakuru veteran politician Mark Mwithaga breathed his last, no one may have taken notice of how significant that night was. It’s not because his death was poised to be historic. No!  After all, the shine of the fierce politician he was known to be during his hey days had waned in his last earthly lap. He ...

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Tobiko orders investigations after Twitter outrage on #ArrestAladwa

George Aladwa.  He has been accused of inciting Kenyans against each other. [Photo: radiojambo.co.ke]

Kenyans on Twitter are a mad lot. Well, at least for now before something else hot gets their attention. A video that has been shared on social media showing one man alleged to be former Nairobi Mayor, George Aladwa, calling for some ‘action’ is all it has taken on Thursday to drive #KOT rabid. In the video, the speaker is ...

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Kenyans divided as pressure mounts for Waiguru to resign

Anne Waiguru_Facebook1

Kenya is a country where every day is an intrigue. When the calls for Devolution CS Anne Waiguru were made that she resigns, there has been a lot going in the blogosphere and on social media that cannot go without mention. For starters, many people-especially women leaders- feel that the CS is being targeted unfairly for her ‘exemplary’ performance in ...

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Uhuru Park Cord rally on teachers’ strike touches raw nerve


The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) the official opposition outfit in Kenya may have had squandered an opportune time to redeem a floundering image when the leaders congregated at Uhuru Park in support of teachers. The coalition has time and again maintained that it is pushing the government to obey the Constitution and govern democratically. This, to some extent, ...

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Kenyans feel Mutahi Ngunyi apology insufficient

Mutahi Ngunyi. Photo courtesy of softkenya.com

Mutahi Ngunyi has made an apology for making disparaging comments on the luo ethnic community and some specific individuals like the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) CEO Apollo Mboya and Raila Odinga   I apologize to the LUO NATION unreservedly. No harm INTENDED. I am a product of Luo SCHOLARS whom I RESPECT immensely. I eat the HUMBLE PIE. — ...

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Kenyans unite to support Keroche Breweries in illicit brew crackdown

After the failed attempt to raid Keroche industries last week, Kenyans have been united in supporting the Naivasha based brewery in the wake of the government crackdown of what has come to be referred to as “second generation” alcoholic drinks. Area Member of Parliament John Kihagi and Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Osman Warfa had gone to the factory following the ...

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2007 PEV led to quest for reforms, audit report on constitution says

The 2007/08 post election violence that left more than 1,000 Kenyans dead is one of the key reasons that led to the push for constitutional reforms in Kenya. An audit report on the constitution has stated that the violence which also left more than 650,000 people displaed was adopted as “part of the long-term measures to address the root causes” ...

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Kenyan High Court arguments reveal gains of gay rights movement in Kenya

Celebrated Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina who recently came out and has been a vocal spokes person for the Gay rights movement in Kenya

Report written by Samuel Wamwea Sr. As Kenya’s High Court ordered the government to register a gay rights group that the government had earlier refused to recognize on moral and religious grounds last month, one thing was clear: win or lose, the gay rights movement has made huge inroads. Opponents have questioned the ruling constitutionality and say its passage would ...

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Makueni Deputy Governor criticizes Speaker Muturi’s proposal to scrap Women Reps, nominated seats

  Makueni Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau has criticized the proposal by National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to swap the women representatives seats and nominated MPs with 100 affirmative seats in Parliament. The deputy governor said the speaker’s proposition is a tactic to derail the implementation of the two third-gender rule as stipulated in the constitution. Adelina said that the gender ...

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Raila fights “analogue” tag with new website

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is aiming to put some distance between himself and the “analogue” label with the launch of a new, spiffy website that will rebrand him as a leader with his eye on the future. Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila’s main opponent in the 2013 polls, inflicted a mortal wound on the CORD leader’s campaign by casting him as ...

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Rongai IDP’s leader happy with termination of Uhuru ICC case

A leader of the persons who were internally displaced (IDP’s) following the post election violence (PEV) of 2007/2008 and who are currently residing in Rongai, has welcomed the termination of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s case at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Robert Opiyo who is the Secretary General of the victims who got settled at the Gicheha Farm says he is ...

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Youths are the authors of their own misery

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to appoint washed up veteran politicians, relatives of several prominent politicians and some individuals who have been in newspapers for as long as Kenya has had newspapers (here’s looking at you Richard Leakey!) to parastatal positions announced late on Monday has angered many Kenyans, especially the youth. Many of them feel that Kenyatta has betrayed them ...

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Bizarre leak claims to link Raila, Buhari, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram

A bizarre intelligence report being attributed to the Iranian government claims to link former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Nigeria’s President-Elect Muhammadu Buhari to extremist terror groups that have terrorized their respective countries. The report, written mostly in English, claims that Raila and Buhari are using Al Shabaab and Boko Haram to further their political ambitions. Its important to emphasize ...

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The Constitution has been a blessing to Kenya

Kenya's former President Mwai Kibaki promulgating the new Kenyan constitution (image courtesy)

Kenya’s 2010 Constitution has had a fair share of success in its four years of implementation. It certainly a reality that without the 2007/8 post election violence and the ensuing mediation efforts, Kenyans would still have the old Constitution. Be as it may, the document which I call the political bible will still need time to be tested for a ...

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