Microphone snip

The Nakuru radio ‘busted’ a man live on air for allegedly having an extra marital affair with his house girl (Photo: Google).

A Nakuru based radio station, Hero FM, has replayed the 2010 stigmatization against people living with HIV/AIDS in which Classic 105’s Ciku Muiruri ‘busted’ a woman who was alleged to be having an affair with her boss. Just like Ciku did in the programme, the Nakuru radio host went ahead to deliver “HIV/AIDS news” to an unsuspecting person live on air.

In the programme by the Nakuru radio station Hero FM, which is normally aired between 4pm and 9pm every evening, the show host calls a man who is said to be trapped in a love triangle involving his house girl, his son and his gardener. The show host casts the impression that the house girl has contacted the radio and shared this information. But  even so, the bombshell that the host is to deliver to the man is the fact that she is HIV/AIDS positive. What the man should therefore conclude is the fact that he has been infected – by the house girl.

It is not clear the exact date and time when this specific show was aired. However, information from the station indicates that the show is used for discussing family issues, topical issues on relationships, health and society.

Although listening to the conversation one feels like it is a prank, the ‘act’ plays so well that it gets the man off guard and he breaks down.

“What is happening between you and your house girl”

asks the host after introduction.

“Why should you know what is going on between me and my house girl?”

the astounded man asks from his end.

“Because what I want to tell you will shock you so you don’t need to be rude with me,”

the hosts goes on.

“I am not being rude with you because you cannot just enter my personal life without informing me,”

the man responds.

It is at this point that the host goes ahead to deliver the ‘bad news’ before the man goes berserk and starts screaming on air.

“Oooh my God…eeeeh,”

the screams pleading that the host makes it clear.

“Yes you started by being rude…”

the host responds upon which the man says he wasn’t only that,

you cannot start interfering with my life and you start telling me such things.”

By the time the conversation ends the man is left confused, partly because he feels like his life has come to an end, a fact that he even reveals on air. At one point the host mocks him, asking him why he cheated on his wife. However when the man completely breaks down asking for assistance the host calms him down, promising that there is life after contracting HIV/AIDS and that one can live with it even “for 20 years.” The conversation ends as the man is requesting that they go off air so they can talk and as the host promises him to refer him to a counselor.

Programmes touching on HIV/AIDS are usually very sensitive and journalists, radio show hosts included are usually advised to have caution before they air content that may lead to stigmatization or stereotyping. Just like in the Ciku Muiruri programme, this particular programme can likely attract a penalty once presented before the Media Council Complaints tribunal.