bake training mombasa

Are you a budding blogger in Mombasa? Are you looking to learn about blogging?

Thursday 30th July, the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) will hold a training on the role online participation through blogging and social media has county government affairs  as well as an introduction to the Jukumu Letu initiative ahead of the launch of the Jukumu Letu campaign launch in Mombasa which is set to take place on 1st August at the Mama Ngina Drive. This will be done in a training workshop that will see participants learning about the engagement of County Government on Social Media among other topics.

Jukumu Letu is an initiative that aims to bring people together through interactions aimed at making the constitution work for the Kenyan citizen. The initiative seeks to animate constitutional discourse and activate Kenya Citizens to be more informed and involved in the constitutional implementation. This is achieved by launching local initiatives with local artists and other stake holders in all 47 counties in Kenya.

The training will focus on the following topics:

• Basics of Blogging & social media
• Social Media Ethics
• Political and Development blogging
• Introduction to Jukumu Letu initiative
• Engaging County government on social media
• Using blogs & social media for social audit of county affairs
• Blogging on Development & County affairs

The Jukumu Letu training will be held at the American corner of the Muslim Empowerment Welfare Association (MEWA) Library behind Masjid Mousa along Mwabundu road in Mombasa town. It will start at 11.30 and is expected to end at 4pm.

BAKE will provide internet access, so carry your laptops along for the ultimate hands-on training experience.

The training is FREE so make a date to join the team and learn.