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Colourful jukumu letu launch in Mombasa

Pomp, colour and rich content marked Jukumu Letu launch in Mombasa. The picturesque county, its enticing hospitality and warm hearts enlivened both partners and attendees to a stimulating launch that only Mombasa could provide. The joys, from the faces to the smiles, old and young told the story best of which if you did not attend, these photos should narrate it aptly.

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-6

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-8


Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-12

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-2

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-4

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-13


Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-9

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-7

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-14

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-5

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-11

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-15




Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-16

Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-17



Jukumu Letu Activation_Mombasa-3


Photos courtesy of Smartpic

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