Kenyans on Twitter are a mad lot.

Well, at least for now before something else hot gets their attention.

A video that has been shared on social media showing one man alleged to be former Nairobi Mayor, George Aladwa, calling for some ‘action’ is all it has taken on Thursday to drive #KOT rabid.

In the video, the speaker is on record saying that Kenya will burn (translated) if Raila Odinga’s win in the 2017 elections is stolen.

And acting on the outrage, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Keriako Tobiko has ordered interrogations and investigations and the subsequent outcome forwarded to his office.

Following the order, Kenyans hailed the move saying that at least something will be done to curtail such offensive utterances.

Earlier, those on twitter and Facebook were calling for the arrest of Aladwa saying that the careless talk was bound to re-open wounds that were healing.

The utterances were condemned from all quarters with those against Aladwa saying tha he was spewing words that could kill.

And when all fails, turn to God. This was by some who felt that Kenya was on a fast, downhill spiral where ordinary citizens were bound to die either from corruption or from careless politicians.

The video which surfaced early on Monday shows the politician addressing a crowd which can be heard cheering from the background.

And in what seems to be a response to the ‘accusations’, Aladwa was quoted thus:

Some of those who weighed in on the debate compared Aladwa to Gatundu MP Moses Kuria.

Sadly, the issue surrounding the choice of leaders by Kenyans also came up showing that politics, however bad, always wins. Some however called for sobriety in addressing the matter conclusively.

There was also some mockery with some asking if the accused would lead by example.

Others laid the blame squarely on Aladwa saying he should bear his burden.

While it is a sad situation, some felt the utterances compared to the calls in 2007 which led to the bloodbath that followed.

And with the never fading memory of the internet, Aladwa, if proven guilty, will have entered the annals of the most infamous Kenyans when it came to dancing over dead bodies.

It remains to be seen what the responsible bodies will do to make sure that such utterances are curtailed.

Already, Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has issued a statement saying that Aladwa must be arrested for the utterances but said the responsible commission, NCIC, remains a toothless dog in the face of such politicians.

Cases against Johnstone Muthama and Moses Kuria are still in court but it seems that justice for the ordinary Kenyans keeps crawling while the high and mighty continue enjoying immunity which makes the abuse the laws with impunity.

Now, it is a watch and wait game to see what next after Tobiko’s move.