Kenyans have condemned the day-long arrest of veteran journalist Elijah Kinyanjui over sharing a post that depicted Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua’s daughter Brenda Mutanu in a party mood. Elijah who has worked in almost all media houses, currently has many Facebook accounts and whatsapp grounds which he uses to spread information about Nakuru’s county affairs, largely bordering on transparency and accountability.

Veteran Nakuru journalist Elijah Kinyanjui arrested for misuse of licensed telecommunication system



    The debate on Twitter, grew to issues about freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.  




    And the reason leading to Elijah Kinyajui arrest…  

Some sobriety from government


The circumstances leading to his arrest, including being held seemed suspicious and high handed  

Governance issues in the country also creeped in



What should have been an appropriate action against Elijah Kinyanjui!

When he was released, it was a relief