Harun Mbafu Kongo was charged with improper use of licensed telecommunication system for expression his affections to Eunice Gacambi Mwangi.

Before being charged Harun worked as a herds-boy and and gardener for Eunice’s home in Githiga, Githunguri, Kiambu County. Eunice is widowed and has three children, the older being in University while the youngest is in class two.

Harun recounts that it was an effort to safeguard his job that led him to send the text.

We have known each other for six years and nine months because I worked at her home. Before she reported me, I had reported her at the labor office for sacking me without a valid reason and refusing to pay me. It is after she realized I had reported her that she decided to file the case.

Mr. Kongo agrees to have sent the text on 14th March 2016. He says before the husband to Eunice died, she used to express feeling for him. But they grew bolder when he died in January this year. He therefore decided to send her the text in a bid to show her that he also had some affections for her. His aim was to secure his job.

Eunice sacked him stating that she intends on selling the cows so that she can get school fees for her children. He says that while indeed he sent the text, he has no feelings for her.

Harun charge sheet


Harun Kongo was charged in a Githunguri court on 7th April 2016. The charge sheet stated that the improper use of licensed telecommunication system was because he used a Safaricom Limited telephone line to send a message to Eunice Mwangi. The message he sent to her is what the plaintiff (Eunice) felt was offensive.

In the message, he tells Eunice that he has feelings for her as she is beautiful. He confesses to have harbored the feelings for a while and urges her not to be afraid.

When he went before court, he pleaded guilty. While Eunice was in court she did not speak anything. The court however forgave him and he was set free.

Eunice was unreachable on phone. We will update the story once she offers her right of reply.