By Victor Werimo

I would have never thought that the world would come to a near standstill. Not for an hour, but for months. For 7 months, life has not been normal even for the world-leading economies like the United States. COVID came into the world and that was it. Governments have been forced to respond quickly and with equal measures to protect citizens from mass infections. Schools have been closed, international travels suspended, public gatherings banned and terms such as self-isolation, quarantine, and social distancing have become the new normal.  

For me, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. In as much as my university academic calendar was disrupted by the pandemic, I have been able to accomplish a lot over this time. I have had an opportunity to offer communication support to three different organizations while working from home. I have made virtual friends and colleagues in the comfort of my bedroom. But this has not been rosy. The experience new as it was, took a lot of time to adapt to. 

If asked to choose between working from home and the office I will go to the office. Working from home has forced me to work for extra hours and with low productivity due to the short concentration span. Working from home even in a single day has been hectic, a lot is going on and all of these need your attention. Prioritizing one over the other means that one has to suffer for the sake of the other. The concept of life and work balance is lost amid all these things. 

But this has also come with benefits, I have been able to do a lot of online courses that I could have not in normal times; I have been relieved of the hustle and bustle that comes with the morning and evening rush hours in the city at least now that I am in the village. This has been just therapeutic for me.

Yes, COVID might have affected me but in a positive way. 

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