By Lynn Anyango

what is really going on in the world right now might think I am crazy right? Covid-19 is devastating but we all have to be strong and believe that God is going to take this pandemic away from us. We have to agree that there are positive effects brought by this and I am delighted to highlight them for you.

The things that really mattered in this world have been put on pause and from nowhere everyone wants to breathe and live for that one present second. Things like money, power, fame, travelling the world and all pleasures of this world have no meaning at all. We are reduced to the human beings that were earlier meant to be, the fact that we are all concerned about being healthy and just breathing. Anyone can contract covid-19, no one is safe and it doesn’t know the status, gender, age or religion. This simply passes the message that we are all dependent on God who gives us the breathe we crave for the next second. After all, we are only humans and He is the superior one.

Most people find it hard to stay at home I’m guilty of that. One of the most effective ways to stop the chain of this virus is by staying at home and it has hit hard on most of us but we have to do it anyway. This is what we need to do to save our lives and for the ones we love. Staying at home is never easy for a person who is always on the run. Now that we are bound in between the four walls of our houses we need to start appreciating our homes and the people around them.

This period is when you can make your home as interesting as possible. Paint that wall into a more exciting color, if you are into drawing have that portrait that you never had time for done, fix that door knob that has been hanging, reorganize your living space and that might bring a whole new vibe about your space. Its the unique time that we have our homes and the people around them as companions we have to embrace that.

‘I have been very busy lately’ or ‘my week was very tight’ are phrases used by a lot of people and some can also be busy doing nothing. With the ‘busy’ schedules we normally have we rarely find time for ourselves. Now that staying at home is the only option we have what about having time for God and re-align your relationship with Him? What about meditation and focusing on being a better version of yourself in all aspects of your life? What about working out to stay fit and also boost your immunity? We have no excuse in working on the betterment of ourselves such that when we go back to the streets we can be able to serve others.

With the rise of the campaigns of washing hands and sanitizing, the rate of cleanliness has increased. Everyone is making sure their hands remain clean at all times to prevent the transmission of the virus. This has also reduced the number of communicable diseases in the country. All this is thanks to covid-19 and I really hope that basic hygiene like having cleaning hands doesn’t end when the virus is gone.

We all have the fear of this disease and we also fear for our loved ones. You wonder if they are safe, taking precautions and if they are fine mentally and emotionally. This pandemic has shown us the importance of living for now for we never know what tomorrow holds. We should use this chance to tell the people who we love that we care for them and appreciate them. Those that are far call and check on how they are faring and the distance should not weaken your bond.

Those that you live under the same roof have meals together, play games or even do house chores together. To those who prefer having their space let them be but also remind them that you value them and waiting for this pandemic to end won’t be boring.

The covid-19 pandemic will not stay forever so we should take whatever that comes with a clear head. Avoid panicking and I am glad that most people if not everyone has moved from fear to accept that it is here with us and that gives a good environment to follow the guidelines the government and WHO is giving us without overreacting.

We should stay at home, sanitize, wash our hands, go out only when it is necessary and don’t forget your mask. We are together in this and we definitely will break its chain. Stay safe.