You will no longer have to travel long distances or suffer even longer queues thanks to the unveiling of a new list of Coronavirus vaccination sites spread all over the country and counties.

In the list made public by the Ministry of Health in Kenya are both major and smaller hospitals all offering the vaccine for free.

The move is expected to boost the efforts of the government whose target is vaccinating the entire adult population by December 2022.

“All vaccines deployed for COVID-19 vaccination in Kenya have received both World Health Organisation and Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board Emergency Use Listing. These vaccines have been evaluated and found to be safe for use to combat the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the Ministry of Health in a tweet

Meanwhile, the government has warned against adverts of insurance companies purporting to insure patients against the adverse side effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

“Our attention has been drawn to posts/advertisements circulating in social media by an Insurance company alleging that they are offering to cover for “adverse side effects” arising from Covid-19 vaccinations. The Ministry of Health wishes to state that insurance against side effects is not only unnecessary but unethical. No company should claim to provide insurance services against vaccine side effects or side effects of any medicine,” said MOH.

You can find the list here