CIC Group has launched a medical cover dubbed Seniors Mediplan targeting senior citizens from the age of 60 years. While the joining age is capped at 80 years, the insured will remain on cover for life guaranteeing medical protection to senior citizens after retirement.

Speaking during the launch, Managing Director CIC General Insurance Mr. Fred Ruoro said, “As you age, medical care becomes more expensive. Senior citizens without a medical cover end up spending most of their hard-earned life savings to cater for medical expenses which drives people into abject poverty.”

He added, “This innovation by CIC General, a subsidiary of CIC Group, will ensure that senior citizens receive the medical attention they need and their life savings can be channelled to other income generating activities after retirement, leading them to more productive lives.”

The product will be offering in-patient, outpatient, dental, optical, and within East Africa the benefit of ambulance and air evacuation. The product will also be offering a last expense cover if the insured person passes on while the cover is in force.

Children who form part of the dependants of the insured are not be eligible and customers are urged to opt for an alternative cover provided under CIC Family Medisure. The cover also allows one legal spouse as a dependant of the principal member.

To enrol for the cover you will be required to submit medical records. Other documents required include a copy of ID/passport of the principal member and spouse and a copy of PIN certificate for the principal member.

According to National Census conducted in 2019 the number of older persons in the country had reached about 2.7 million, representing about 6% percent of the total population. This number represents a population that needs to be medically taken care off.