The newly launched Sheng translation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

The newly launched Sheng translation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Last week on Saturday 10th January, was the launch of the much anticipated Jukumu Letu country wide campaign to sensitize Kenyans on the need for every citizen to understand and participate in the implementation of the Kenyan Constitution.

This is a project derived from the broader Jukumu Letu programme that was developed and is being operationalised by Hivos and its partners.

Jukumu Letu program is premised on the need for citizens to establish the link between democracy, governance and basic needs and motivation for them to take actions desirous for bettering their lives. The by-line of the initiative is what citizens can do and the attendant inspiration to take the action. The derivative of the Jukumu Letu programme is the realisation that breathing life to the Constitution of Kenya and also initiating eternal vigilance to its implementation should be the responsibility of every citizen.

Mobilising people to take up this role (at their level and in their communities) was the primary goal of the programme.

The impact of the constitution of Kenya will be lost if the Kenyan people cede their responsibilities to politicians, the academia and other institutional leaders. The transformation necessary must be one that creates a social revolution.

The revolution conceived is one where people take up the responsibility of knowing the constitution and taking such civic actions as are necessary to ensure that the letter and spirit of the constitution is implemented, protected and promoted. It is this revolution that shall save the country from the grip of corruption and political plunder.

This is exactly what made up the Nairobi launch which took place at the Drive Inn Primary School Mathare. Hosted and broadcast live by Ghetto radio, the event was a roaring success attended by hundreds of local residents and a team from the Netherlands Embassy to Kenya.


The launch which started at 11.30am brought together all the implementing partners, local artists and experts in Kenyan Constitution in a day filled with entertainment, education and interaction on what our responsibilities are Kenyans towards the implementation of the Constitution is.

Artists such as Juliani and Sarabi kept the crowd on their feet with their lyrically conscious music as the Creco Kenya team distributed copies of the Katiba Mtaani – A simplified and translated copy of the Kenyan Constitution in Sheng and ‘Wanjiku’s Power‘ – A booklet aimed at helping Kenyans to understand the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

The event offered a rare opportunity to the Nairobi residents to watch dramatized works in form of puppetry as well as skits and dances as well as interact with experts to answer their questions on what the current Kenyan Constitution says on aspects such as security as well as personal rights

The event came to a close at 6.30pm with a performance from Juliani.

Jukumu Letu will launched in all the 47 Kenyan counties with a similar program of Education, awareness, entertainment and engagement. The next county where the program will be launch will be Makueni in February.