Photo courtesy of @kiruik

Photo courtesy of @kiruik

Bloggers and journalists came together yesterday (18th February 2015) at the iHub to discuss whether bloggers should be regulated. The forum also discussed some differences (if any) between journalism and blogging, and therefore how the Government and regulatory bodies should handle them (the same way, or differently?)

From the start, panelists agreed that defining blogging is of great importance to better steer discussion.


Is there a difference between journalism and blogging?  

The role of bloggers in the increasing technological space in access to information is becoming evident. It is also providing information that media would otherwise not publish.

However, the standards for bloggers needs to high. If they are to attain professionalism, much is expected of them.  

The question of regulating blogging was therefore unanimously agreed as a no.





There is however need to ensure that as blogging grows, there is more responsibility from bloggers. This should not be limited to the blogger alone. They need to also instill the same responsibility to other bloggers to ensure it is respected as a profession.




Moving forward, bloggers were challenged to extend their tentacles and take part in international conversations that affect the internet. This is because blogging is global and decision made anywhere in the world will affect local bloggers.

Some unknown aspects also came to the fore. For instance, the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) has links with institutions like Facebook which Kenyans should exploit when need arises.  





You can watch the session here.