National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale.His declaration that he will reveal those funding Alshaabab activities in Kenya has put him on the spot with Kenyans calling for his resignation

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale’s assertion that he would produce names of those funding  the Alshaabab terrorist group activities in Kenya within 30 days has stirred anger and uproar among Kenyans.

Ordinary citizens and leaders from across the country have called for the immediate resignation and subsequent arrest of the majority leader who they believe held vital information that would have possibly averted the Garissa University college attack in which 147 students and security officers were killed and 92 others injured.

A section of leaders from Makueni  County have also added their voice to pile pressure on the majority leader to resign and be investigated for not reporting those behind the attack to security officers.

Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo while addressing mourners over the weekend, at Ukia location during the burial of  Muuo Mawioo a victim of the university attack said Duale must resign as both an MP and majority leader for allegedly abetting terrorism.

Maanzo said that Duale’s acknowledgement that he knew those behind the Somali based militia group funding is admissible in a court of law as evidence.

“In law once you admit that you know something, you are culpable and can be charged ,” he said.

The legislator said that the parliament will push for the resignation of the majority leader.

“The majority leader is the fourth powerful person after the president, his deputy and the speaker, for him to make such careless remarks is regrettable  and unfortunate,” he added.

Makueni Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau also echoed the legislator’s sentiments and called for resignation of the Garrisa Town MP.

makueni deputy governor Mwau while addrssing mourners at the burila of Muuo Mawiio,a Garissa attack victim photo:Governor's Press

Makueni County Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau while addrssing mourners at the burila of Muuo Mawiio,a Garissa attack victim
photo:Governor’s Press

“It is so painful for us as a country to bury such young and promising Kenyans yet some people knew who were funding terrorism activities,” said the Deputy  Governor.

Former Kibwezi MP and TIP party leader Kalembe Ndile said the government should arrest Duale and his fellow leaders from the North Eastern region for shielding the terrorists.

“The Kenya Defence Forces are wasting their time and resources in flushing out Alshaabab in Somalia,the head of the terrorist group is  in Kenya at the behest of some people while the tail is in Somalia,”said the TIP leader.

Kalembe added that the government should not sit and watch as innocent Kenyans are butchered by the Alshaabab and called for decisive action on matters pertaining to terrorism.

Kenyans on social media also did not spare the outspoken Duale for allegedly shielding terrorists. Under the hashtag #ArrestDuale, Kenyans on Twitter scolded the majority leader.


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Duale, an ardent defender of the Jubilee government is known for his abrasive style of leadership and is not new to controversy. His recent remarks on the university attack at a press conference in Nairobi  last week where he was flagged by other leaders from the North Eastern region did not perhaps come as a surprise to many. Last year in September, the majority leader almost exchanged blows with Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto in Narok County after the two clashed over county allocation of funds.