Kenyan Photographer and Msingi Sasis currently in Police Custody as  terror suspect

Kenyan Photographer and Msingi Sasis currently in Police Custody as terror suspect

Kenyan blogger and photographer Msingi Sasis Bekko was yesterday arrested at the Galleria Mall in Karen for taking pictures and taken to Langata Police station where he was booked in as a terror Suspect.

Msingi Sasis runs, a photography blog on Nairobi at night capturing the many different activities that take on in most parts of Nairobi after dark.

According to his brother Victor Bekko who wrote to Boniface Mwangi, an activist and an award winning photographer, Msingi  looked traumatised when Victor was finally allowed to see him in custody. Msingi slipped a note to his brother and gave clear instructions that he (Victor) should get in touch with Boniface.

Boniface Mwangi has now taken  to Social media sharing information regarding his arrest and informing Kenyans that Msingi did not appear in court today as should be procedure according to Kenyan Laws on arrest of individuals.

During a recent African Photo Magazine launch organised by House of Fotography and hosted by the Kenyan Bloggers Association,  one photographer shared his concerns regarding the arbitrary arrest of Kenyan photographers taking photos within Nairobi’s Central Business District. In a question to the Kenya Cabinet Secretary for Planning and Devolution Anne Waiguru, the photographer sought intervention and a solution to the constant harassment of Photographers who engage in street photography by the police.

The CS urged Kenyan Photographers through their association to accredit their members for easy identification.

Barely a week after that discussion with the CS, Msingi Sasis now finds himself behind bars labeled as  a terror suspect despite his marketing of Nairobi life and his continued efforts of giving a different story, through his photography of Nairobi and Kenya to the world through his Camera and his blog.

It is not yet clear if Msingi is still being held at the Langata Police Station or he has been transferred to another location or what is happening to him as he is being held in custody.

We will continue to provide updates on this situation as it develops.