On Saturday April 25, the Jukumu Letu initiative which aims at sensitizing Kenyans on the need to follow up on the implementation of the constitution was launched in Nakuru. The event took place at the Nyayo gardens.

Here is a pictorial story of what happened.

The event did not start on time due to a power failure:

Jukumu Pic 1

So the Jukumu Letu team decided to come up with activities to keep the audience busy. The activities included singing games by the Dance into Space group:

Jukumu Pic 2

…as well as some ‘stand up comedy’ by the puppeteers:

Jukumu Pic 27

The musicians also kept their guitars rolling:

Jukumu Pic 4…although that could not take away the disappointment of the power failure:

Jukumu Pic 5

By the time the event started, it was way past 3 p.m:

Jukumu Pic 8

The first on stage were the puppeteers with their ‘Watu bila Wire’ comedy:

Jukumu Pic 9…which amused the audience:Jukumu Pic 26

They were followed by a performance by the guest artist of the day. The young man from Makueni County did not disappoint with his prowess on playing the guitar, or is it the prowess of “kukwata kawaya”:

Jukumu Pic 14

All this time the cameras were rolling:
Jukumu Pic 12…and the bloggers were twitting about the event:


Then came ‘Dance into Space’ with their official performance:

Jukumu Pic 15…which was a blend of dance and recitation:

Jukumu Pic 17…and some acting:

Jukumu Pic 19

No sooner had the ‘Dance into Space’ left the stage:

Jukumu Pic 20…than a heavy down pour took to the stage, literally:

Jukumu Pic 21

Still though, the photographers continued capturing the event:

Jukumu Pic 22

Then the musicians closed it with the ‘Jukumu Letu’ theme songs:

Jukumu Pic 24…and at the end Nakuru residents were reminded of their responsibility to track the process of implementation of the constitution:

Jukumu Pic 23 - Theme Pic

They were also reminded that, they live with the choices they make:


What remains is for bloggers and journalists to track the process of how the citizens will keep that process of the implementation of the constitution on track:

Jukumu Pic 25