Some of President Uhuru's appointees

Some of President Uhuru’s appointees

“We rejected these people at the ballot and now they have found their way back into power through the appointments. Truly, Kenya hasn’t changed since Kenyatta and Moi times when sycophants afraid of staying in the political cold would be appointed to various board positions; disregarding the interests of Kenyans.”

These are the poignant views of Stewart Ocharo, a Nairobi resident, on the government notice from the office the president that has seen the appointment of former political kingpins and relatives of senior politicians to parastatal boards.

While a statement from the State House spokesman Manoa Espisu was quick to point out that the appointments were reflective of Kenyans’ diversity as they represented all 47 counties as well as women, youth and the disabled, few Kenyans actually share that feeling.


Kenyans React to President Uhuru Appointments

There was Backlash as Kenyans took to various media to air their disappointment and surprise at the appointments. Some were shocked to see the appointments, saying such ways are why we can’t have quality in most parastatals.

Kenyans React to President Uhuru Appointments

Reacting to the appointments, some Kenyans think Uhuru got it all wrong and if he’s not careful, this will be the most active catalyst in his political downfall. Rewarding loyalists, the elites, the retirees etc at the expense of the youth is a dangerous move, according to Muchiri Njoroge on Facebook.

One of the few accepted appointments made include perhaps that of Dr. Richard Leakey, once the Director of the Kenya Wildlife Services Board (KWS), who now returns to KWS as the Chairperson of the board. Dr. Leakey is a known conservationist who has in the past played a key role in helping reduce poaching in the country. He also recommended a complete overhaul of the KWS board and many hope he will put a stop to the rampant poaching in Kenya.

The appointment of Charles Njagua Kinyi to the National Campaign against Drug Abuse (NACADA) board has also come as a surprise to many. Mr. Njagua, otherwise known as Jaguar is a popular musician and businessman with reported ties to various people in government and political circles. He is one of the youthful appointees.

Some Kenyans decided to have a laugh instead, poking fun at some of the appointees past gaffes and putting a light side to everything. This tweet shows that Kenyans still have their humour intact even as political discussions heat up.