President Uhuru Kenyatta can't catch a break (Photo:

President Uhuru Kenyatta can’t catch a break (Photo:

Kenyans on twitter aren’t giving President Uhuru Kenyatta a break. The president made several controversial parastatal appointments on Monday and three news cycles later, some Kenyans are giving him grief about it on twitter. Those opposed to the appointments have used the hashtag #SendUhuruHome to convey their displeasure with the usual mixture of humour and acerbic wit.

Its not just jokes and flippant comments though. The frustration many Kenyans feel is clear from some of the tweets

There’s also the curious question of why the president’s notoriously excitable digital press team still hasn’t come up with a foil for the hashtag.

Meanwhile there’s an appeal for caution about trying to hound the president out of his office from an unlikely corner. Activist Boniface Mwangi feels the demand for the president to exit from office is premature.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that the president’s PR machine is giving this one a wide berth. You have to pick your battles especially in a country where each week brings a new scandal. Nonetheless, it is worth paying attention to the subtext of the #SendUhuruHome hashtag.

To be sure, some are using it as yet another political attack point but there is also a substantial majority out there that feels genuinely let down by the President. Its how well the president addresses the grievances of this group that will determine how he will fare in 2017.