The egg alleged to have been laid with a name on ot in Nzaui,Makueni county Photo:The Star

The egg alleged to have been laid with a name on it in Nzaui,Makueni county
Photo:The Star

Residents of Nzaui, in Makueni county on Wednesday evening flocked the home of a pastor whose hen is alleged to have laid an egg, with his name inscribed on it.

The curious residents, brought operations of the busy Emali town to a halt for almost two hours as they struggled to get a glimpse of the egg that bore the names Juma Kioko.

Area local assistant chief Michael Kivondo while confirming the bizarre incident said Kioko was a pastor in a church at the Emali town. The administrator said police had taken the egg to the Emali police station and warned locals against speculating on the cause of the incident.

Efforts to reach the pastor for comments were futile.

The incident has created a buzz in the social media with a majority of Makueni residents terming it as a wonder.





There are those who dismissed it saying that its only a stamp and a desperate attempt to gain publicity.




There were also hilarious comments from the residents.


Whether the incident is true or not, it i rather weird and as the residents put it,

                                                     “Wonder will never cease.”