Creatives in Mombasa

Creatives in Mombasa

In a quest to foster creativity and innovation among the youth in Mombasa, a group of creatives have started monthly meetings to discuss and nurture growth amongst themselves. The monthly meetings known as ‘Over Coffee’ seek to create awareness of the challenges they face and develop a peer support system for those in creative industry in the city. They also intend to raise the visibility of the creatives in Mombasa amongst local businesses and seek new markets for their skills.

The group includes photographers, designers, bloggers, writers among others based in Mombasa.

As more and more youth find an outlet in creative businesses, the lack of formal support structures is evident and it is the basis for Over Coffee meetups in Mombasa.

The meetups will empower the youth and develop their skills, network, learn from peers and discuss any burning issues with like minded people. They will also invite guest speakers/lecturers to the event.

Toby Wesa, the events founder said

“There is so much that can come out of an informal discussion, and I’m ready to share whatever little knowledge I’ve acquired in my journey as a photographer to anyone starting out and I know there are countless professionals out there who are willing to mentor too. I’ve benefited immensely from conversations I’ve had with others more experienced than me in my career and want to open up this learning opportunity for other.”

Creative industry in Kenya has immense potential for job creation in Kenya. According to Kennedy Kachwanya the Bloggers Association of Kenya Chairman, creatives have the biggest potential to create jobs.

“There are a number of creatives who are very talented and for a long time I have always thought they can do more to create brands. Now jobs are created when people put their foot down on the ground  and build SMES,’ he added.

Davis Mbele a copywriter was delighted  with the opportunity to interact and learn from peers.

“There are so many creative minds in Mombasa but have no clue on how to start or even go about their way. This platform is supposed to be a platform that will lift the creatives and also network them to other opportunities.”

“It has been tough at the beginning trying to venture out as a creative. I noticed there aren’t many places in Mombasa to assist in building a talent. However, through this initiative, I am excited to meet fellow creatives, to learn, and to empower each other”, said Jamila a Mombasa based blogger.