Babu letter

By Davis Mwandawiro

The Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) chairman Babu Owino is not known to shy away from the limelight or any sort of controversy. A bold and tenacious young man with the enthusiasm of a veteran political leader. Earlier on the wake of 13th of July, he drafted a letter to the office of the US embassy asking the institution to ensure President Obama visits the University of Nairobi and talk to the 80,000+ students. The US president is scheduled to visit Kenya later this month for an entrepreneurship conference.

Kenya’s  largest university was once graced by President Obama in 2006 whilst he was the Senator of Illinois when he came to Kenya. Babu Owino stated in the letter that a couple of students had already threatened to take their lives if he (Obama) doesn’t visit UoN. The worlds most powerful man will have a very tight routine and schedule its unthinkable if he could actually make time for the students but the confidence at which Owino has written the letter with could move a mountain.

Upon hearing the news, Kenyans on social media engaged in a heated debate on whether that bold action taken by Owino is actually worthy or just a ploy. Here are some of the sample tweets raging on Twitter.

Babu Owino has gained quite a lot of praise from not only his fellow peers but also political leaders

On Twitter the opinions are streaming in fast and divided. Some are pro Owino while others have completely bashed his efforts.

Whether the SONU chairman is right or not,  he has once again catalyzed debate on social media. Only time will tell if the University of Nairobi (UoN) students will be granted their wish or have to sit on the sidelines.