Senator Hassan Omar

Senator Hassan Omar of Mombasa

By Davis Mwandawiro
On Friday last week, Senator Hassan Omar spoke out about an alleged amount of county funds that was missing after an audit was conducted on the finances of the County in an Iftar meeting.

The audit reports reveal that sh496 million was un-banked and without the approval of the budget office. This revelation has hit airwaves in not only the county but the entire nation which is already dealing with recent speculations that devolution has further widened corruption with county leaders.

The two are members of CORD, however this new expose has split the county into two with most of the leaders in the region siding with Governor Joho stating there is nothing that is being covert and that every penny is accountable for.

When he spoke to K24 news on the 17th July, the county speaker Mr. Thadeus Rajwahi said the County Assembly was not even aware that such a huge amount of money had not been banked. He further told Mr. Hassan Omar to stop dragging the assembly into the alleged loss of county funds.

In the KTN breakfast show today, where Senator Hassan Omar is a regular, he spoke out demanding accountability from the Mombasa government. Citing audit reports that around sh10 million was spent on suppliers who were not even qualified and large amounts of money banked in non-designated accounts. He raised fears that there could even be more revenue that was misused prior the audit report.

“There is no fall out between me and the governor. For me these issues have never been personal. When I fight for accountability, it matters not my relationship with you. What matters is whether you’ve been successful to the sacred task people have given you,”

Senator Hassan said when asked if all was well between him and Hassan Joho.

This revelation of embezzling county finances has rocked the city of Mombasa with now residents keen to see how it will end. People of the coastal region have come out demanding that the county explain the missing funds.

“We are not shocked. We knew something was going on but we just didn’t know what it was. The governor has a lot of explaining to do. We voted him in and we have the power to vote him out,”

John, a local resident, said when asked about his thoughts on the saga.

Alphonse  from Bamburi could not hide his disappointment.

“Nothing seems to be going right in the county. Instead of our leaders demanding that the county government delivers, they have started attacking the Senator yet they know very well he did not write the audit report.”

Some however, read malice in the senators queries. Khamis, a resident of Bamburi questioned his motives and timing.

“The Senator is speaking out now after all these years, where was he all this time? He is speaking out now  to gain political relevance and hide his failings. If there was corruption he shouldn’t have waited this long.”