Hassan Omar addressing Jukumu Letu participants at Mama Ngina grounds Mombasa

Hassan Omar addressing Jukumu Letu participants at Mama Ngina grounds Mombasa

By Davis Mwandawiro

The Jukumu Letu launch at Mama Ngina in Mombasa during the weekend was nothing short of pomp and beauty. The event was gracefully attended and was full of entertainment from dancers to puppet shows all focusing on the main objective of sensitizing the public about the Constitution of Kenya.

Among the attendances was Senator Hassan Omar who as always came out guns blazing about the recently released Auditor General report that has been the bone of contention in the region over allegations of misuse of public funds.

“The Auditor General released a report but we Kenyans are arguing with each other based on tribal lines. People should be accountable. The funds that are missing must be recovered,” he said.

The Senator also urged the county officials to go the public accounts offices and answer those queries instead of responding to the press.

“We must all answer the queries raised by the Auditor General. All those in positions of power must uphold their responsibilities. If you (the people) don’t push the leaders, stop petty tribalism arguments or don’t know your constitution you will not bring the change Kenya needs.”

Senator Hassan Omar is well known as an activist and a champion for human rights. He encouraged the masses to create public participation forums in which meaningful discussions can be held with the hope that those words may be forged into actions.

“I am very pleased with the online forums about public participation in Mombasa. I like what young people in the civil society are doing and I attend all the forums when called upon because I have nothing to be afraid of”

said the senator.

However he also criticized the lack of good governance in the counties

“I was an activist and still I am. Obama talked about all the issues in the country. We have a new Constitution but we don’t have new leaders to effectively implement it.”

He further emphasized on public participation by urging the people to push the leaders and check their actions especially the ones in rural areas,

“Push them to be more accountable for their actions and be as much involved as possible with matters concerning not only the county but the whole nation as well. County governments should not only bring good governance and democracy but also deliver services to the people.”

Senator Omar’s parting short was that leaders should uphold the Constitution of Kenya and hoped that Mombasa county will strive to be better.